Tuesday, July 6, 2010

173-175: Modern Family

I just realized how damn lucky I am to have a family like mine. Our stories are just out of this world. How we are is really out of this world. And I wouldn't really have it any other way. It's funny how I always try to recreate the stories in the dinner table to friends and loved ones but it's not quite the same as when you sit through a bona fide Vera Perez lunch or get together. It's what keeps us afloat all these years - looking back and moving forward. Is there any other way really?

You have family, then you have friends. Here's to hanging out with fellow Pinoys on 4th of July :)
4th of July

Friday (Day 173)
8pm: La Cage Aux Folles

Wow! Fantastic is all I can say. I'm so happy to have caught this despite my initial hesitations. I was smiling and laughing all throughout. It also has enough emotional punch to take you through a riveting rollercoaster ride. The leads are amazing, especially Kelsey Grammar and that British Shakespearean actor Douglas Hodge who plays one heck of an amazing Zaza. It was a scaled down version where the name of the game was the tackier, the better.  The production meant to deconstruct the glamour and the shimmy of the show's previous incarnations to expose a rather pathetic yet heartfelt and spirited attempt at portraying the inglorious Riviera nightclub where drag queens reign supreme.

Curtain Call

Saturday (Day 174)
2pm: Addams Family
RATING: 3.5 / 5

Okay so I heard nothing but bad reviews about this show. But I just had to check it out. It was an idea that popped up in a sibling lunch that I attended previously. What better way to watch Addams Family than to watch it with the real Addams Family! Hilarious! My siblings and I kept looking at each other everytime a pass was made at being normal, either through dialogue or song. Haha. I loved the moving curtains that framed each scene. I also liked how brilliant the set changes were managed that my brother Ipe and I would stare in awe. Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth seemed hammy for the roles. But maybe that was the intention. Overall, the show didn't change my life. But it makes for good entertainment.

Sunday (Day 175)
3pm: 39 Steps
RATING: 2 / 5

I would've given it a 1 if not for the saving grace of Act 2. And I was actually surprised because this was a huge success on Broadway before it moved to Off-Broadway and it won the Tony Award for Best Play. Sadly, I had half the mind to walk out in the middle of Act 1. And it didn't help that I was sleepy. I dunno. The overacting (that was supposedly the intention of the show) didn't really work for me. I liked how elementary the stage effects were as it illustrated the pre-Wicked way of painting a theatrical picture. Witty. Clever. Especially the shadow play and the bare bones set that actually made for a convincing setting reminiscent of the original film. I also liked that the show was carried through with only four actors playing multiple roles. And there was even one scene where the two sidekicks were playing 2-3 roles each simultaneous within split seconds. Those parts were hilarious. Then again, maybe I should've caught Lend Me a Tenor instead.

DAY 173

White Cheese Pizza
Bottled Water

Bacon Cheese Burger w/ Fries
Hot Chocolate

DAY 174:

Brunch: 44 1/2
Hanger Steak
2 Sunny Side-up Eggs
Fries Galore
Hot Chocolate
2 pcs. cornbread

Coffee Shake
Mac and Cheese w/ Sloppy Joe

2 pcs. Mad for Chicken Wings

DAY 175:

4 Chicken Wings
3 cups of Yang Chow Fried Rice
Beef w/ Taosi
5 pcs. Sweet and Sour Pork
1/2 Mango Slushie

Chocolate Mouse w/ Cheese Cake

Hotdog on a Bun
2 slices of bread w/ chicken spread
1 glass of milk
Leftover Chinese Food (Yang Chow Fried Rice + Wings + Beef)


 Me and Mememoy

Ate Leslie

Bumped into Krista and her cousin at Mad for Chicken

Mom and Tita Bernie

Me and Ate Leslie

Mark and Ate Sandra

Group Shot

Krista and Francis

Jed and EJ


- 2000 and Obese

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