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This is one crazy 20″ custom mega munny by PodgyPanda
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Moo With Me

"Only thing to do is jump over the moon..."
VANS   Fall/Winter 2009   SK8 HI
The popular SK8-HI model from VANS had gotten an interesting Western treatment this season. For those who were in awe with adidas Originals’ ZX700 which seemed to embody a zebra in a shoe, here is the competing VANS SK8-HI that would be equally intriguing. Featuring pony hair in a cow pattern and a vintage Western-inspired leather tongue, these kicks do tread on the wild side alongside the matching brown laces and soles. Pair with your flannel to put an interesting touch and take your outdoor style to the next level, because, let’s face it, all every other guy out there has a flannel and the deciding factor now lies in the kicks. These new SK8-HIs are now available for order online at retailers such as Flauge.


Super Emo Friends!

Glass half-empty? Nah. There's something about these furry creatures that cheer me up. Signed, sealed, and delivered, make mine MARVEL! (and DC)

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...coz I'm Chuck Bass... haha! how is that a reason for everything?

Back at that time I imbibed several flutes of champers while talking all things Dublin with The Sartorialist, I was asked by a certain lady at the event why I wasn't wearing a bow-tie since she thought it was my "thing". Granted, when the blog was born I did have a minor obsession with them but since then they've been relegated to the fringes of my wardrobe i.e. they only appear for formal occasions, and not them all either for that matter.

French stylist and designer Laurent Desgrange is fast convincing me to reconsider my decision, however. From set design to graphic print tees (the first I've liked in an age) to probably the most dynamic collection of bowties on the market, Desgrange has a finger in each and every one of the fashion pies.

Images from Laurent Desgrange

Bagoong with Manga

PUMA   917 Mid Manga While PUMA’s collaborations with Sergio Rossi and Alexander McQueen proved that the label has upscale luxury on its mind, the label 917 Mid Manga proved that it can go on the other side of the spectrum. Taking on the silhouette of the label’s 917 Mid, these sneakers get a Japanese touch with details drawn and sewn own. Also, take note of the animated details such as the reflective bubble on the toe cap, dotted shadow and sketchy shading. If a manga artist was to draw the 917 Mid in his work and that resulting pictures is promptly realized in the real world with three dimensions, this would be the end product. Fun with a whimsical sense of humor, the PUMA 917 Mid Manga is available for pre-order now at FLAUGE.

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Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White

Nahhh... i think these kicks are too out there... the wearer might have to take caution to the wind or throw it out entirely. maybe if the wearer had the bravado or the audacity to wear these out to a club or a bar or something - which most regular guys don't really get to do in this country for fear of being judged.

If stilettos could kill, they obviously haven't experienced a studded Louboutin. is this up your alley?


Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers
French luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin debuted a small collection of men’s shoes for Fall/Winter 2009. Well known for his fiery-red soles, these pairs are no different, and the solo sneaker style, the Louis, returns for Spring/Summer 2010 completely studded out. Available in black or white leather, with a retail price of around $1200 USD a pair.
Have a closer look at the Christian Louboutin Studded Louis Sneakers after the jump.
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I think one has just the right amount of quirk to make your style savvy go full throttle. Plus it's Mickey! :)

XLARGE® x Disney Collection | Latest Releases
Here’s yet another Disney capsule from XLARGE®. At this point, we’re well aware of your hesitation to be graphically groped by Mickey Mouse, but this time around it’s just the ol’ blindfold treatment. Not that bad. There’s also a t-shirt showcasing Mickey’s “lower body” that completes the image from the previous release. Available December 5th.
More colors/looks from the XLARGE® x Disney Collection after the jump.
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Every Breath You Take

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you takes...
but by those moments that take your breath away.
this is probably one of them.

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wow - is all I can say. i wonder if apple will ever put up something like this in Manila...

apple’s fourth manhattan store recently opened on the upper west side. the new outlet features an eye-catching glass arched roof and offers the brand’s full range of products and services, including the genius bar where customers receive free advice + tech support. location: 1981 broadway [upper west side].

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Charge of the Light Brigade

"Forward the light brigade! Charge for the guns," he said.

company-of-we.jpgNothing excites me more then walking into an up-and-coming designer's apartment to preview a collection before it hits stores. Recently, I had the chance to check out newborn Company of We, a progressive menswear brand that is bound to take the industry by storm. As a reaction to the escalating retail prices and a life-long commitment to maxing out credit cards at local specialty stores, designers Christopher Crawford and Jayzel Samontedecided to take matters into their skilled hands. How do they keep prices under $350? No smoke and mirrors nor inflated PR fees, plus a keen eye and industry relationships which helped them leverage the best pricing for luxury fabrics and prime materials -- think Loro Piana. The label juxtaposes Crawford's vintage style with Samonte's modern-centric aesthetic resulting in a well crafted detail-oriented capsule collection that brings a fresh and youthful reading on a handful of our most beloved closet staples. The charming and wearable line-up consists of a variety of outwear pieces, lightweight cardigans, knits, herringbone jackets, jersey pull-overs and an array of cuffed pleated trousers. The most desirable items for their debut this fall are a cashmere wool herringbone jacket complete with detachable rabbit fur collar and their signature ribbed knit cuffs and a cropped slim fitting natural horn toggle coat. Fall items are selling out quickly on their online shop and spring items will hit major stores including Saks and Fred Segal in the spring of 2010.


Most Wanted: Leopard Topsiders

Visvim   Hockney SF Folk Deck Shoes
Constructed on top of an EVA pylon mid-sole, the Visvim Hockey SF-Folk Deck Shoes differentiate itself from its peers with ultra-lux materials, including genuine lamb skin leather as upper.  Pre-treated in a puma skin patten print, the leather’s semi-permeability means a natural trait to wick moisture and excess heat.  Available in light or dark brown, the Visvim Hockey SF-Folk Deck Shoes is currently for sale at hnyee.Store (Honeyee Store) online shop and Visvim flagship across Japan.

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Immortal Underground

I wrote about Ron English way back when he visited Manila. 
He was the billboard artist who popularized that whole Abraham Obama icon and the fat Ronald McDonald that you probably saw in Supersize Me. He has a new exhibit going on in New York. Go Ron!

Ron English: Immortal Underground Exhibition   Opera Gallery New York | Event Recap
Wildness descended upon Opera Gallery New York last Thursday evening for the special preview of Ron English’s Immortal Underground Exhibition. Over 200 fellow artists, friends and well-wishers worked around the SoHo space to see some 20+ new installations, including several large sculptures of the deathly smile of “Grin”, English’s reinterpretation of Charlie Brown, and “MC Supersized”, a satirical take on fast food giant McDonald’s and its official mascot, Ronald McDonald. The event became a carnival-esque atmosphere when at 7:15 pm sharp, a stretched limousine ushered in some of English’s caricatures - Cowgirls and MC Supersized, in real-life forms with full on body paint and costume.

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Converse x Terence Koh

So remember I interviewed Terence Koh for Status Magazine? Anyway, so he's releasing special edition kicks with Converse - in his signature white - what else? If only people knew what his whites were made of... haha! Read my article on him on this blog. WHITE TRASH

The asianpunkboy is at it again. This time working with CONVERSE on its 1HUND(RED) project to create collaborative kicks to help fight AIDS in Africa. Taking on Terence Koh’s signature clincial, all-white look and obliterating the unnecessary, these new white leather kicks are streamlined in the soles and given all white laces to create a slimmer, tighter look. The shoes’ reductionist aesthetics reflect the artist’s interest in “hiding reality”. The only adornment in the shoes is the embossed CONVERSE logo on the upper. The shoes will be available for purchase via Opening Ceremony starting Nov 21, so keep your mouse clicking-ready for them. via: Cool Hunting

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Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd

No photoAudie Gemora shines in the Tale of Sweeney Todd
CHASING TOFF By Christopher De Venecia (The Philippine Star) Updated November 20, 2009 12:00 AM
In 1982, under the direction of the late great Zenaida Amador, Sweeney Todd opened for the very first time in our country, to mixed reviews. Apparently, there were people who’d leave at the end of act one because they couldn’t stand to see or listen further to the melancholy and heaviness that Stephen Sondheim spewed into this controversial work. Some fans and aficionados may consider Sweeney to be a misstep in the composer’s lionized career. Others dub the show Sondheim’s definitive masterpiece. Definitely, it was the first of its kind — the first musical told through the unassuming lens of the horror genre. And interestingly enough, some would claim that Sweeney was one of the best musicals that Repertory Philippines had ever staged to date.

We can only speculate. Maybe it was the bloody gore or the complexity of the almost three-hour maniacal mayhem — recently remade for the silver screen starring Hollywood chameleon Johnny Depp. Perhaps it was the lyrical and vocal calisthenics that dovetailed with each song — obviously inasmuch as that the songs of Sweeney didn’t really sit as well with listeners as, say, a battle hymn from Les Miserables or a ballad from Phantom of the Opera — that, as with Sondheim musicals like Company or Into the Woods, there was hardly any room for audiences to blink or breathe as they tried to digest what was being sung, or said, or what was going on entirely.

But for the preview night of the 2009 revival of Sweeney Todd, Repertory Philippines’ bloody glorious offering for the holiday season, audiences stayed glued to their seats. They listened, digested (even Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies befitting a preview night), and kept fundamentally aware and abreast ‘til the very end. They would later rise to give the cast a well-deserved standing ovation. Magnificent! Bravo! Bloody beautiful! It’s one of those big musicals that show you why nobody else can do like Rep can. And for the sake of those who have been living under a rock, they are no longer cooped up in Shangri-La Mall.

The premise is out of this world. A victim of cruel injustice at the hands of the wicked Judge Turpin and Beadle Bamford, Benjamin Barker is deported to Australia on false charges and is separated from his beloved wife and his daughter Johanna. Many years later, with the aid of the annoyingly optimistic Anthony, he returns to London disguised as Sweeney Todd and stumbles upon a nutty pie-maker in the person of Mrs. Lovett. Together, they plot the barber’s revenge upon his former miscreants, slicing throats of those who get in his way as the new “Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” and transforming them, care of Mrs. Lovett, into unsavory meat pies.
The plot is almost deplorable — thick, ridiculous, humorous to a certain extent, yet delicious in the darkest and most vicious way possible. I could just eat up the f***ed up sense and sensibility of the play. But it works for the odd couple as their dastardly plan unhinges them from the cudgels of poverty and gives pork empanada a run for its money. Cue urban legend of stray cats being used for siomai — if only Mrs. Lovett was oriental. (Shudder.)
Playing the title role in the play is grand master Audie Gemora who, if I recall correctly, has always considered playing Sweeney Todd to be his dream endeavor. He is so indulgent of the character, in a good way, playing host to the wretched yet tormented man who becomes the Demon Barber of Fleet Street — sort of like how Heath Ledger becomes the living, breathing, spine-tingling Joker in Dark Knight. Audie plays it so well. His layers are full, and his stillness is frighteningly effective to say the least, proof of his incomparable experience and years of performing onstage. Where Audie shines, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo who plays Mrs. Lovett is not so far behind. The two celebrated veterans stand on equal footing.

She is humorous, haunting and gives a tour-de-force performance throughout the show. Her cockney English is convincing but more so, the depth and sheer brilliance that emanated from Lovett’s whimsically conniving character. Her enunciation, even in lyric-heavy songs like The Worst Pies in London, sits easy on the ears, and on your brain. She truly is the First Lady of Philippine Theater, and Audie, the First Gentleman — the good kind.
There are also a slew of stellar performances from the cast, including Robbie Zialcita as Senor Pirelli (the role that Sacha Baron-Cohen, a.k.a. Borat, essayed in the movie), Robbie Guevara as Beadle, Roger Chua as Judge Turpin, Liesl Batucan as the beggar woman, and Rep newcomers Lena McKenzie as Johanna, Franco Laurel as Anthony, and Marvin Ong as Tobias. Franco Laurel’s voice is hauntingly beautiful — coming from a strong family of singers that includes Cocoy Laurel who once played the role. The bright-eyed romantic suits him and provides the stark contrast to the otherwise heavy theme of the show. But the revelation is Franco’s fellow newcomer to the Rep stage, Marvin Ong.
His was a voice that was powerful, spot-on, and never once flinched. The guy seemed to have so much depth at such a young age, and it’s nice to see him sharing the stage with Menchu, Audie and the seasoned actors of Repertory Philippines.
But as with most ensemble pieces, it was really the cast in its entirety, including the star-studded chorus of Joy Virata, Jay Glorioso, Raul Montesa and Rem Zamora among many others, that make Sweeney Todd, directed by Michael Williams and Baby Barredo, work, work, and work. When the show opens, you’re treated to the deep baritone of Meynard Penalosa (although a faulty lapel mic unfortunately derailed me from the experience) and several others until you are slapped into an aural climax by the company — singing with piercing looks, 10 or 100-part harmonies, and skilled intensity. The play is strongest when the cast is facing the audience, and I quite literally pulled my hair at one point due to the sheer power that they exuded. I hadn’t seen anything like Sweeney on the Philippine stage before. Surely there is a first for everything — and this is one of those awesome, memorable, unforgettable firsts.

If only to witness the ensembles scenes, the theater magic and the brilliant performances, I will definitely watch it again. Performances are Nov. 14 to Dec. 13, 2009, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3:30 p.m. Sweeney Todd runs at Onstage, 2/F Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City. For tickets and inquiries, call 887-0710, 888-0887 or log on to or Tickeworld 891-9999 or log on to
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further along my obsession with genius, this just proves the saying, "Less is More."

(without reading the title on the upper left - if that's even possible. ha ha, can you guess which TV show the artist is referring to?)

By art director, Albert Exergian who uses an iconic symbol from each show to represent its identity or theme in the most minimalist way possible.

[via Design Fetish]

Confidence in Confidence

haha. what do you think of these?

Photography Portfolio by Gary Salter

GaGa in the House

I've been seeing a lot of Lady Gaga lately. Honestly, I thought her act died down after her visit here in Manila. Well of course there was that bloody performance at the VMA's. And all her ridiculous outfit changes everytime the camera would pan on her. But she's back in my consciousness. And she seems to follow the rule of marketing - you have to be seen thrice to be picked up at least once. And thrice she did.

I'm sure you've all heard of Beyonce's new video, "Video Phone" featuring our queer-eyed mistress of pop. If not, it's right below...

The video is screaming sex. Well, more from Beyonce. She seems to be making a good living out of gyrating lately. I digress.

Then of course you saw the latest episode of Gossip Girl that involves a certain Queen B trying to put up a cabaret with Lady Gaga's music, and then having her perform in the end. It 
was a cameo I didn't expect. Also coz I don't read spoilers.

And finally, I was looking through my RSS Feed, following and once again, the mistress of mayhem is seen making a cameo on the pages of Vogue December Issue. I recently saw The September Issue - and all of a sudden, I'm digging up fantasy shoots - only 'coz I'm now fascinated with Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. I'm obsessed with genius.

Just when I thought she was out, she's pounced right back in.

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Theories of Relativity (Nabil Elderkin)

White Trash (Terence Koh)

Captured on Canvass (Painter Extraordinaire Kiko Escora)

Click, Tick, Boom!!! (Photographer Zach Cordner)

Artillery (Billboard Provocateur Ron English)

Old School, New Tricks (DJ Jazzy Jeff)

A celebrated virtuoso in the world of hiphop, R&B, and turntabling, DJ JAZZY JEFF possesses both an ear for a music and a mastery of scratching techniques that earned him worldwide acclaim.

It’s a video that is both familiar and unfamiliar to our generation. “Drums please!” Out comes Will Smith, aka, the Fresh Prince, decked in sky blue monotone, equally matched and complemented by his long-time partner and collaborator, Jeffrey A. Townes, aka, DJ Jazzy Jeff, in head-to-toe orange. Segue to a smooth, throwback tune of the now classic and feel good hit, “Summertime,” the two are spotted chillin’ on the wayside on what appears to be a moving porch, migrating through emerald fields, the big city, and past a spandex-clad Lolita who summons mischievous hoots from the two guys coloring their cool. Nothing to it, just boys being boys, though Jazzy Jeff is wearing his token dark shades that his partner Will would later lionize in the 1997 Hollywood sci-fi hit, Men in Black. “Summertime” would also mark the duo’s palpable return to the music scene in a fourth album entitled “Homebase,” years after their debut single in 1986. 

One pea of the talented pod is the “Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff,” as a track in the duo’s first album would put. “Music always told stories to me – about when and where I was when I first heard it,” reveals the Philly-born artist who, at age ten, would practice on the turntable in his family’s basement to perfect his craft. He shares, “I just loved music and wanted to play at parties. I never thought it would come this far.”

The work that he put in proved instrumental to his ascent in the block party and ballroom circuit. “I got a lot of attention in the neighborhood, which was cool,” he says, adding, “I feel that my job is to make people happy with music by playing (their) favorite songs, (songs they hadn’t) heard in a while, or something new.” This nonlinear and experimental take on music enabled him to roll with various crews and emcees in the area – taking Philly by storm, one mind-blowing house party at a time. While he credits his ‘hood for the vast musical knowledge and his instrumental exposure to all genres of song, it was in 1985 when Jazzy Jeff would first touch base with then relatively unknown rapper Will Smith, and jumpstart what would be a decades-long career in the music biz.

Note: This was not your cheesy Troy and Gabriella karaoke moment from High School Musical. Since Jazzy Jeff’s MC had been out of commission one evening, Will stepped in and let’s just say, the rest was bro-mance history. Will became the smooth raconteur we all fondly knew as the Fresh Prince, and Jazzy Jeff became the architect-DJ that put it all together. In 1986, they teamed up and released their first single “Girls Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble” which spliced elements of the popular TV theme “I Dream of Jeannie” with Smith’s ridiculous wordplay and Towne’s smooth hip hop beats – emerging proof of the duo’s incomparable eclectic savvy.

They later tailed this effort with the gold-selling “Rock the House” – an LP, which Jazzy Jeff pioneered alongside signature turntable moves like the “Transformer” and the “Chirp” scratch. For the latter, he would spin the record to make it sound like a bird’s chirp. “It’s all very natural to me now,” he shares, when asked if he’d still discover new “scratches” along the way. The LP also thrust the DJ to into the legitimate spotlight with “The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff,” heightened later on by the duo’s sophomore endeavor, “He’s the DJ. I’m the Rapper.”

On one side of the track, there was the Fresh Prince’s quick-witted and lyrical storytelling, and on the other, Jeff’s undeniable propensity and almost perfect manipulation of the turntable, translating the pair’s efforts into one of the first hip-hop double LPs in music history. In that Jazzy Jeff’s heart and soul would bleed over his works, and through his fingers, his genius would often pave the way for many young musicians to take to the turntables and learn the craft. “That still trips me out,” he shares of being considered an icon and inspiration to young turntablists all over the world, adding, “It’s very hard for me to grasp. I really appreciate that. Wow!”

1990 marked an important year in Jazzy Jeff’s life in the limelight. It launched both his eponymous TV career as fan-favorite Jazz, Will Smith’s cheeky and ill-mannered best friend in the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and A Touch of Jazz, a production facility he set up to cultivate homegrown talent from Philly. While in Fresh Prince, his TV persona became notoriously known for his signature shades, constant rejection by Will’s cousin Hilary Banks (played by Karyn Parsons), and getting dropkicked out of Will’s Bel-Air home through almost every episode, the Jazzy Jeff in real life cultivated musical acts like Jill Scott, Musiq Soldchild and Floetry. “We also had the honor of working with the likes of Michael Jackson, and tons of other artists,” he adds.

Of all the acts that Jazzy Jeff had produced, he says he is most proud of Jill Scott in the latter’s debut album “Who is Jill Scott?” He shares, “We made something from the heart and made the whole world listen.” The album penetrated the market with fanfare close to nil but true to form in Jazzy Jeff’s tradition of letting talent do the talking, the album hit double platinum. That is, to this day, his career-long tour de force although admittedly, the boy in him is most thrilled with recently coming out in the DJ Hero game by Activision. “(It’s) the best thing so far in my career… wow… little kids will be playing DJ Hero as Jazzy Jeff… wowz!”

Admittedly though, a long tenure in the music industry is not without challenges. At the moment where an artist is propelled to turn to the past, and look forward through today’s cutthroat music scene, figuring out the nooks and crannies that keep an artist afloat and relevant to today’s pop-engrossed generation, audiences have consistently changed and made known their insatiable demands. Jazzy Jeff connects, “I feel that people (nowadays) are fans of records not groups. (Back then), we couldn’t wait for Run DMC or LL Cool J’s album to drop. We didn’t need to hear a single or see a video because we were fans of the act. Today, it seems like people won’t like something unless everyone else does. I blame radio for that.” Which is why he remains proud and grateful to Kenny Gamble, songwriter, producer, and pioneer of Philadelphia soul, for mentoring him on the ways of the music biz.

Years later, his partner Will Smith would move on to become one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. But DJ Jazzy Jeff continues to bust his groove as one of the world’s celebrated DJs and music producers. He eventually produced Will Smith’s first solo album “Big Willie Style” in 1997, and the latter’s sophomore release “Willenium” in 1999.  In that the two have managed to stay friends and collaborators over the years, it makes you wonder if he would ever consider getting together with Will again for an album or reunion tour of sorts? “We have been talking about it for six years. It’s just hard with him being one of the biggest movie stars on the planet and with me traveling all over the world. But I’m sure it’s gonna happen,” he relates.

Looking back and moving forward, he sees a book and a movie in the near horizon, adding, “I’m also doing an album with a singer from Toronto named Ayah, and an album with an MC named Phil Nash. I’m really looking forward to those.” Evidently, more than two decades later, he’s still on top of his game. Silly, at times, yes. Psychedelic prints and hi-top fades, definitely no. But DJ-ing, producing, and letting his bona fide Philly talent still do most of the talking – most definitely. Though when asked what his hands would say if they could speak, he says, “Slow down… lol.” Damn straight.