Friday, December 17, 2010


It's been six years since you passed away. Hope wherever you are, you're well and okay. Love you very much KC =) I know I don't think about you as much anymore - but you're always in my heart =)

By Christopher de Venecia

I dreamt once of a child who walked by her mother’s side,
She ran through valleys, scaled mountains, and crossed oceans far and wide.
She spoke her mind, loved adventure, and set off to conquer the world
One journey after another, her legacy unfurled…

There was a hunger in her eyes that showed so much spark,
Her insatiable passion could overthrow the dark,
She was a light that brought fondness to all of our hearts,
Until such time tragedy tore us apart.

I dreamt once of a child who spoke with so much hope,
Who, despite extraordinary circumstances, had learned to cope,
Cousin, daughter, sister, and to most, a friend,
Her unwavering loyalty transcended ‘til the end…

She was unique, in any form, shape or way
Her radiance was unlike any that had ever seen the day,
She was a ray of sunshine that always shone bright,
But the flames were overwhelming that one awful night…

I dreamt once of a child who waited for life to start,
Her future ahead of her – so much excitement in her heart
She could’ve sang a few songs, taken up fashion, or law,
She had a way of seeing things that kept us in awe…

She was everything a star had destined to become
Living life to the fullest would become her solemn psalm
She became her own woman, tore away the silver spoon,
But like a thief in the night, her life was gone too soon.

I dreamt once of a child that had simply been away
on a very long sojourn, in Paris, Rome, or Saint Tropez,
That I’d walk into a room, and she’d finally be back
as we catch up on her travels and I help her unpack…

Her absence has made my heart grow fonder,
I talk with her continuously, hug her tight, then wonder,
“Will this beautiful reverie ever come to an end?”
And then I awoke, short of breath – my tears all spent.

It was just another dream – happiness and then pain,
The thought of your passing is more than I can take,
KC, my dear KC who left me all too soon,
How are you? Are you happy? I look towards the moon.

Six years have passed KC since you left us here,
The wounds are less, but not completely healed,
I know that we can rendezvous in the happiest of dreams
But happiness is not always what it seems.

I am happy that you are with our Maker
But I’d be happier if you left us much, much later,
When we’re all together old, and all together grey,
For now, as forever, I solemnly pray:

I look forward to the day that I’ll get back my friend,
Dear Lord, strengthen me, comfort me ‘til the end.
For now, I’ll take comfort in passing butterflies,
Pick up the pieces, strive to live, as my hopeful compromise,

I love you KC with all my heart,
Dear Lord, through my countenance, KC will never depart.
Six years will be seven, and seven will be ten,
‘til such day, we finally will meet again.


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