Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Empire's 20th Anniversary

There's nothing like a "Where are they now?" and "Many years later" shoot that looks back, and renders iconic movie figures in the present, and immortalizing them onwards to the future. 

I mean, who can forget Silence of the Lambs and that freaky, "Quid Pro Quo Clarice, Yes or No" line of Anthony Hopkins. The imagery. The themes. The whole shebang. I still shiver when I recall the cannibalistic ways of Hannibal Lector - in how he could scare the living shit out of you with one prolonged glance - proof of Hopkin's incomparable acting savvy.

Or Mel Gibson in Braveheart who had a blue streak drawn across his face as he led the charge in an all-out skirmish. I don't really recall this movie so well but I know that everyone knows Braveheart.

I might have to buy a copy of Empire Magazine just see which other movies, and actors within those movies, made the cut.  

Empire trotted the globe to deliver you 27 of the planet’s biggest stars, recreating iconic performances from two decades in film

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