Friday, November 20, 2009

Charge of the Light Brigade

"Forward the light brigade! Charge for the guns," he said.

company-of-we.jpgNothing excites me more then walking into an up-and-coming designer's apartment to preview a collection before it hits stores. Recently, I had the chance to check out newborn Company of We, a progressive menswear brand that is bound to take the industry by storm. As a reaction to the escalating retail prices and a life-long commitment to maxing out credit cards at local specialty stores, designers Christopher Crawford and Jayzel Samontedecided to take matters into their skilled hands. How do they keep prices under $350? No smoke and mirrors nor inflated PR fees, plus a keen eye and industry relationships which helped them leverage the best pricing for luxury fabrics and prime materials -- think Loro Piana. The label juxtaposes Crawford's vintage style with Samonte's modern-centric aesthetic resulting in a well crafted detail-oriented capsule collection that brings a fresh and youthful reading on a handful of our most beloved closet staples. The charming and wearable line-up consists of a variety of outwear pieces, lightweight cardigans, knits, herringbone jackets, jersey pull-overs and an array of cuffed pleated trousers. The most desirable items for their debut this fall are a cashmere wool herringbone jacket complete with detachable rabbit fur collar and their signature ribbed knit cuffs and a cropped slim fitting natural horn toggle coat. Fall items are selling out quickly on their online shop and spring items will hit major stores including Saks and Fred Segal in the spring of 2010.


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