Saturday, November 28, 2009


...coz I'm Chuck Bass... haha! how is that a reason for everything?

Back at that time I imbibed several flutes of champers while talking all things Dublin with The Sartorialist, I was asked by a certain lady at the event why I wasn't wearing a bow-tie since she thought it was my "thing". Granted, when the blog was born I did have a minor obsession with them but since then they've been relegated to the fringes of my wardrobe i.e. they only appear for formal occasions, and not them all either for that matter.

French stylist and designer Laurent Desgrange is fast convincing me to reconsider my decision, however. From set design to graphic print tees (the first I've liked in an age) to probably the most dynamic collection of bowties on the market, Desgrange has a finger in each and every one of the fashion pies.

Images from Laurent Desgrange

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