Thursday, November 19, 2009

GaGa in the House

I've been seeing a lot of Lady Gaga lately. Honestly, I thought her act died down after her visit here in Manila. Well of course there was that bloody performance at the VMA's. And all her ridiculous outfit changes everytime the camera would pan on her. But she's back in my consciousness. And she seems to follow the rule of marketing - you have to be seen thrice to be picked up at least once. And thrice she did.

I'm sure you've all heard of Beyonce's new video, "Video Phone" featuring our queer-eyed mistress of pop. If not, it's right below...

The video is screaming sex. Well, more from Beyonce. She seems to be making a good living out of gyrating lately. I digress.

Then of course you saw the latest episode of Gossip Girl that involves a certain Queen B trying to put up a cabaret with Lady Gaga's music, and then having her perform in the end. It 
was a cameo I didn't expect. Also coz I don't read spoilers.

And finally, I was looking through my RSS Feed, following and once again, the mistress of mayhem is seen making a cameo on the pages of Vogue December Issue. I recently saw The September Issue - and all of a sudden, I'm digging up fantasy shoots - only 'coz I'm now fascinated with Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. I'm obsessed with genius.

Just when I thought she was out, she's pounced right back in.

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