Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Finally got to see Prince of Persia yesterday. And i must say, awe-some! Great cinematography, great story, great casting, great everything. I wasn't expecting much, and I found myself wonderfully surprised. Good job Disney :) And good job Jake Gyllenhaal as Dasdan.

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Dasdan who?

Dasdan moonlight shine on Paris, when the sun comes down... haha

Had a meeting at Coffee Bean with sina Jonjon and Shelyn before the three of us headed to Soms to follow to our Workshop Reunion. Yes, reunion na kaagad, even if it's only been a day. I really love my workshop mates... They're all so quirky and cool in their own unique way. And of course, special shout-out to my one and only vabes, Jobelle. Hehe. I admit, I didn't really get to bond with most of them during the entire rehearsal process... coz I had my own thing going on and a gazillion stuff to do. But in the times that I did, it was always "let the rockstar good times roll baby..." Looking forward to more of this, especially to our cast party this Saturday!!!

More than anything, I'm so happy and proud of them that they were able to experience the stage, and some are now considering a career in theater. Good friggin job :) Even if I'm not really the director or what have you, in a way, that makes me feel really accomplished.

We transferred to Grilla afterwards where more inuman took place by the steps - and my buddies Lifecoach with "we had our own world going" Robbie (haha), Mela, and Bourg followed and joined the riotous fun! Welcome back bourg! Shet, na-miss kita. Sobra! Shet ka. Isa kang malaking nakakamiss na shet. Labyu.

Capped the night off in Rufos and sorry, di ko na talaga kaya, I threw in the towel at around 430... my head was heavy and spinning all over the place. Suko na.... pose. But I mean come on, I've been sober for a week. cut me some slack. haha



Set Meal from Flapjacks
- 2 pcs. sausages
- Rice
- Fried Chicken Fillet
- 1 bottle of Minute Maid
- 1 large lemonade from Auntie Anne's
- Cinnamon pretzel from Auntie Anne's

- Sisig Sampler from Grilla
- Nachos
- 1 Beef Tapa w/ Rice from Rufos
- 6 Bottles of Red Horse

Honeyvabes Joby with Cucay who is just full of surprises

Cucay, Jobes and Robbie

Lifecoach with his Signature pose

Bourg and Mela

Nerdy Couple: Joby and Mark

Robbie who super looks like Jaime.

Gretch, Franifer and Nico

Tish and Karl

The woman behind the lens

Robbie, Mark and Gretch

Last People Standing

- 2000 and Thin

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