Sunday, June 13, 2010

152-154: Losing It with Jillian

Hey folks! I have officially arrived in San Francisco, more than halfway across the world, bloated, with a heavy dose of jetlag. Ugh. The weather here is so-so. Not too cold, not too hot. But the temperature inside an airconditioned room in Manila could easily beat out San Fo weather... especially at night. I'm on an electric fan basis right now - something I'm not used to, given that we're usually here in Frisco during the Ber months where it's uber cold. Had a semi-productive day today... Checked out the new iPAD at the Apple Store, shopped at Hillsdale Mall, and bought a few things at Safeway grocery.

Something interesting to note is that I actually declined mom's offer to buy me an iPAD. Woah! I mean I looked at it, I remembered Robbie's iPAD, saw the 64 GB memory and how tempting it was to get myself one... But I realized, I don't need it. I don't need an iPAD because I have an iPHONE 3G and a Macbook Pro. It would be redundant if I bought one... and for the money I'm supposed to spend for it... sayang lang. In a way, I equate this decision to growing up - being more frugal and strategic with my spending, and not just wasting away on unnecessary expenditures. I feel that the Toff from years ago would have easily jumped and accepted the offer... But I've changed a lot, and changed for the better I hope.
I've also been watching this new series called Losing it With Jillian, featuring TV's toughest trainer Jillian Michaels. You may remember her from THE BIGGEST LOSER. In this particular series, she travels America and answers a call for help from families who have at least one problematic member in their household, for a whole week - and gives them the necessary boost to revamp their lives. It's more than just fitness. It's about jumpstarting their lives, dealing with issues, and not giving up on themselves and the people they love. The first two episodes are super emotional. I find myself crying with those fat mama sitas and papi chulas who are being driven hard by Jillian to go beyond themselves and exceed their limitations. A lot of shouting, and "I can't do it Jillian" going on. But when you're at heart risk or have surging levels cholesterol, sometimes it's not about yourself anymore. It's about the people who need you whom you may possibly leave behind if you succumbed to heart attack or diabetes or all those diseases brought about by being overweight. Can't wait for the next episode this coming Tuesday which means its downloadable every Wednesday there in Manila.

Also do check out this stunning new series called "Pretty Little Liars." It's based on a popular novel about four girls who are keeping a secret that seems to have something to do with the disappearance of their friend over a year ago. Eerie little Jenny Humphries here I tell you. Click on Pretty Little Liars to find out more about the show...

DAY 152

1/2 Polo Cheese Burger
Bites of Lasagna
French Fries
Nachos w/ Cheese
Watermelon Shake

Shared Portions of Trittico from Pastelleria...
consisting of...
- Carbonara
- Vongole
- Tartufo

Dinner Deux:
Small Portion of Sweet and Sour Fish on the plane

DAY 153:
Dinner (SFO time):
5 pcs. korean barbecue ribs
2 slabs of sea bass
3 glasses of Low Fat Milk

DAY 154:
1 Bagel w/ I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
2 glasses of Lowfat Milk

1 slab of Sea Bass
8 slices of porkchop
White Rice

Half an order of Nachos from Taco Bell
Half a Large Cup of Pink Lemonade
Tasting Portions of Yoghurt w/ Graham Crackers and Mango

1 bowl of chicken soup
Beef Adobo
1 serving of white rice

Day 152:
1 hour and 30 minutes of tennis

Day 153-154:

Day 153:


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  1. Twin, how come you dont post your weight na? I check this out pa naman from time to time to see your progress!

    Love, Twin