Sunday, June 6, 2010

146: Tomorrow Never Dies

Coming from my super early drunken spell last Friday, yesterday was actually very eventful. Dropped by Commune to check out Christel's event in the afternoon, after which I headed to Trilogy for their first year anniversary. Wow, it's been a year since the store opened. Congrats Herreras! That's crazy! It was nice seeing familiar faces left and right, some I haven't seen for the longest time, and I got some free swag from Vicky. Thanks girl! Oh and happy birthday :) I wish you more blessings and success in the year ahead :)

Me, Christel and Vicky

Afterwards, I met up with my theater barkada for a quick chat in Pancake House where we exchanged some anecdotes and kwentos about each other's lives. Got to share my two cents with Bea on the Lost finale which literally broke my heart the other day. A lot of my favorite series have been ending and since these have been such a huge part of my life over the years, it's like a part of me died. Ugly Betty. Lost. 24. They're all biting the dust. No new season to look forward to. It's a bit unsettling.

Gabs and Caisa

When night time fell, I headed home to set up for for our Atomic Prom cast party. Super duper fun! Everyone got thrown in the pool. But I didn't swim coz I was tamad to take a bath... and I was determined to be a host this time, and not pass out before everyone else. We partied on 'til the break of dawn. Let the good times roll :)


2 pcs. longganisa
1 glass of orange juice
1 sausage mc muffin burger


8 pcs. squidball
1 taco from Pancake House
Couple of bites from my stack of lemon pancakes
2 glasses of iced tea

8 servings of spaghetti
6 glasses of sprite with the Bar


At Commune


Blast from the Past: It's AJ!!!

Alfie Christel Jap Kian Ron

At Trilogy


Me and Bourg

Kian and Julo

Me and Tita Corito

At Pancake House
Bea and Gabs

Kyla and Bea

- 2000 and Thin

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