Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here we are... It's 9:02 AM and I'm about to leave for Napa Valley... with no sleep in my system. Stupid jetlag! My body clock is officially screwed up because of this time difference and I can't seem to adjust to San Fo time. Was dozing off already awhile ago but right before I was about to get some shut-eye, I suddenly remembered... I have a deadline for Status. It was last Saturday and it was already Sunday my time, and Monday Manila time. Too much procrastination and not getting the job done. Too much Facebook and downloading series without attempting to type even just one paragraph. Too much sleeping and dozing off to the land of Nod. Too much waiting until the last minute.

My feature writing teacher once said, a crappy article is better than a late article. What use does an editor have for a good piece if it's late. Shet, never forget that Toff. I cannot submit late, especially now that I'm gonna be doing this full time. Mahiya ka naman nang konti... wag umabuso sa mga kaibigan dahil sa totoong buhay, pagdating sa trabaho, walang kaibi-kaibigan, walang personalan. Either you submit or you don't.

On a random note...
I was browsing through the July issue of Nylon Guys, the #1 street wear magazine from the States, and guess what I stumbled upon while flipping through its pages... a Bench Ad featuring Jake Cuenca. Woah! I literally had to do a double take if I was really flipping through an international magazine... Good job Bench. Level up na kayo!

I will attempt to sleep in the car en route to Napa Valley. Heard it was a good two hours... Hopefully I'll sleep the entire time... that's at least 2 hours in my system.

On to better things, I was watching the Tony Awards last night and I must say, I was overwhelmed with the bevy of stars that graced the red carpet. Congrats to Denzel Washington, Scarlett Johanson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones for winning Tony Awards. I haven't seen you yet. Scarlett, no more chance. But Denzel and Catherine, I will see you in New York in a week's time. You're on my hit-list. I will definitely be watching. But really, congrats.

I'm not so thrilled about Memphis winning best musical... only coz I'm not yet familiar with the material. Let's see when I get to watch it :) By the way, Lea Michele's performance was deplorable. Exaggerated, no truth, and very indulgent. I could puke all over it. But Matthew Morrison was good, and he could do some wicked choreography. I seriously forget that he was a triple threat Broadway star before becoming Mr. Schuester.


Green Day in the house!

Ang pandak tala ni Daniel Radcliffe, joined here by Katie Holmes.

Charlie's Angel: Lucy Liu

Michael Douglas with winner for Best Actress in a Musical, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Congrats Black Widow aka Scarlett Johanson

Viola and Denzel Washington



1/2 order of Nachos from Taco Bell
1 small slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut

1 serving of white rice
2 pieces of pot roast
1 cup of mini oranges in syrup


- 2000 and Thin

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