Sunday, April 25, 2010

105: RA...RA...RA...RA...RANDOM

Today was a rather interesting day in the campaign trail. My buddy HB and I woke up at 430 in the morning to join mom in a house to house sortie in Pangasinan. We walked through two communities, knocking on the doors of each of their homes to garner support for mom. That's how it is with local elections. It's more of a hands on and face-to-face encounter with the voter as opposed to national elections where it's all about launching an awareness campaign, nowadays through TV. I think it's more effective this way in that you get a pulse of the people. You're not stuck in theory and rhetoric but you transcend with ideas and experience rooted in praxis.

Anyway, my stomach suddenly hurt in the middle of our second walkthrough so HB and I returned home so I could use the bathroom. Shortly after, we both crashed. As in dead fish. Talk about puyat, pagod, and underslept. Basically bummed the whole day until night came and I had to represent mom in two fiestas - one of which I had to judge a Ms. Gay Beauty Pageant, and the other, I had to receive an award on her behalf. I love it. How random is that? A Ms. Gay Beauty Pageant. All in a day's work.

But before we dispersed to our respective itineraries, HB and I joined mom in her rally in Bonuan - our hometown - where the crowd was as warm and receptive as ever. It was a great feeling speaking in front of them, and in front of dad who validated my speech with fond congratulations. Ate Carissa (seen here) also joined us on stage. I was happily surprised to see Ate and Juju arrive with their kids Isabella and Gabbi here in Pangasinan. They're staying til Tuesday but I'm leaving in a couple of hours. That's how my family rolls. We come and go without each other knowing. Haha.

After the rally, I headed back to Bonuan to fetch Atche Coring and mom's angels before we headed to the first fiesta. Delivered a 7-page speech... quite long and stuttered a bit before I hit my stride. When you relax and stop psyching yourself out, your inner light shines. And that's something I will aim to achieve in anything that I do. Relax, Breathe, and Live.


Inihaw na Baboy
1 cup of white rice
1 cup of coffee

1 Bowl of Champurado
3 pcs. Pingka


House to House Campaign

Me, HB, and Nanay Pentay

Me, Mum with Nanay Pentay's angels

Full Force

Second Childhood Series

It starts with a ball of orange goo...

Tiny bubble

Big bubble

Dancing with Shermaine and John Nite

Hb, Jason, John, Shermaine, Ace, and friend

Me and Tita Betch

Receiving the award in behalf of mum.

MS GAY BEAUTY PAGEANT... homaygad. i love it!

haha. this girl is awesome.

I think her name was Regine Velasquez?



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