Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I can't believe it's been 100 days since I started this blog. I had already been maintaining it with reposted entries from street wear and fashion blogs, and links to my articles for Philippine Star and Status Magazine before I decided to transform it into 2000 and Thin. Read my article that came out in my column for Star about my blog... 2000 and Thin

Anyway, this is me last December / January...


At the SM Christmas Party

with Johnny Abarrientos at the Ginebra PBA game

with mom and dad in Sapporo for the holidays

with Denise at our Barkada sportsfest, two days before I started 2000 and Thin

at Baia with my work friends at SM...


This is me... taken last Sunday by the poolside of my house

at Dragon-I in Hong Kong

with Gege and Denise at Mall of Asia

with Mela before the JT concert. That's Macky's arm to her left (and your right)

People ask me all the time. How did I do it? Well, I just keep telling 'em read my blog. It's all there. Haha. Yuck, nagpromote? Well, here's a recap and overview of the things that I did.

  1. Cut down on food intake. Reduce the portions of the food that you consume. 
  2. Exercise everyday. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Even if you're busy, you have to find the time to exercise. Because if there's a will there's a way. I basically alternated between jogging on the treadmill, jogging in the polo field, jogging with my Monday jogging group for two Mondays, circuit training in the polo gym, and playing tennis. Oddly enough, I never once did Bikram Yoga during 2000 and Thin and that's supposed to really tone you up. I think I'll start doing this once my schedule opens up.
  3. Quit soda. I haven't drunk soda since I started. I only mix it with the alcohol that I drink nowadays.
  4. Quit sweets. Say no to chocolates, ice cream and the like. Don't get inggit when your friends are shoving ice cream down their throats. Five seconds in the lips, a lifetime in their hips.
NO-NOs that I still do (but it helped somehow)
  1. I skip breakfast. Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal.
  2. I skip meals. My friends say that it's better to consume five or six tiny meals that if you went out with a bang for one.
  3. Sometimes, I only eat one meal a day and then I get drunk on alak. 
So now that I've lost 40 pounds? What's next. Well, I'm 185 pounds as of this morning. And they say you should always weigh in the morning so I'm dropping the evening weight part. I should also restart the naughties bit because that's always fun. It's called schadenfraude which is a German word for happiness at the misfortune of others. Haha. And I should be committed with taking pictures of the food that I eat. Sometimes, I get tamad na or I forget.

My goal is 165 pounds. So 20 more pounds to go! let's do this!

WEIGHT: 185 pounds




1 bottle of soymilk

Shoestring Onions from Gram's Diner
Red Horse and San Mig Light 
The Bar

Ungodly Breakfast:
2 Longganisa Meals from Mc Donalds
1 Hashbrown

Alys sandwiched between Joms and Ikey

Take 2

Sundee, Etienne, Jonjon, James and his girlfriend

Robbie, Peachy, Trish, and Sundee

Steak, Cheng, Lifecoach and Robbie

Watching what else but...?

- 2000 and Thin


  1. congrats toff!! :-) so much of your "hard work" paid off!! hahahaha! you can do it!! go 165!! :-)

  2. thanks vicky :) i've reached a milestone. time to move on to another milestone of my life :) let's go 165