Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last Saturday was probably one of the more interesting days of the campaign trail. We didn't have any sorties that day; ergo, I didn't have to go up the stage to introduce mom. I was so tempted to drive home to Manila since I was gonna be missing out on the Rockwell White Party where all my friends - all my dear friends - were gonna be. But mom asked me to stay with her to keep her company. Para may makausap daw siya. True enough, we didn't even get to talk the whole time because she was preoccupied. Haha. panees.

It was also a day before ERAP's birthday so mom hosted a dinner for him in the house. ERAP had his own sortie in Dagupan so they made a quick pit stop to our house to rest and dine. It was nice seeing dad and ERAP who were opponents in 1998 for president laughing and dining at the same table. True friendship should cut across all political lines. He's always been good to our family. And of course, I've got nothing but mad love for my former boss, Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

She ended up dragging me to the El Shaddai Rally afterwards at the Dagupan Stadium just as I was about to sneak back to Manila. It was a rather interesting kind of white party. Haha. The attendees were waving their white pamanyos while praising God and I was just staring at awe in how devoted these people were while simultaneously laughing on how my white party eventuated through a sea of white cloth while praising God. Haha.


1/2 cup of rice
1 bowl Sotanghon
Arroz ala Cobana

Lechon Skin
Lechon Meat

Me and Elizabeth Ramsey! Haha. I love her!

Auntie Betch and Elizabeth Ramsey!

Brother Mike, ERAP, Dad, Mom and my favorite Senator in the world. Senator Jinggoy! I love him so much. Please vote for him!

Frogs have so much spring within them. Meet my friends in Pangasinan.

- 2000 and Thin

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