Thursday, April 29, 2010

109: Subway, Soho

Dreams don't die so keep an eye on your dreams.
And before you know where you are, there you are. 
Time goes by and hopes go dry but you can't give up on your dreams.
Tend your dreams. Dreams take time. Hit the road.

Notice of Personnel Action: Resignation. Check.

Getting sad that my buddy Amador is leaving today. He's moving on to bigger and brighter things with his life. And pretty soon, I'll be leaving too. My last day at work is on May 15. Tanya left already. And a lot of people have been leaving. It's like a huge chapter of my life is ending. And it's a bit scary yet exciting at the same time. I feel that I've grown a lot in the company. And i've learned to be patient and persevere sa hanggang makakaya ko pa, until my very last ounce of 'fight.' I've learned things that I won't probably learn anywhere else. And in retrospect, I think shet, kinaya ko. And people though I'd only stay for less than six months. All I can say is... suck it bitches! haha. 1 year and 4 months suckahz.

All of a sudden, I was thrust into the real world. And I've lived a sheltered life all my life. And I realized in my stay here, things don't always come easy. You have to work for it. And you have to work damn hard because there's no such thing as entitlement in the real world. You are the sum of what you do - the sum of your actions. The product of your achievements and accomplishments. Who you are may get your foot in the door. But what you do is what makes you stay. And therefore in anything, and in everything, you must always do your best.


Large Watermelon Shake

1/2 bottle of soymilk
Chicken Sandwich

2 glasses of mango shake

Midnight Snack:
1 pc. chicken w/ rice from Mini Stop

3 laps of jogging around the Polo Field


Dream dream dream... wherever I want to... all i have to do...

At 121
After dropping by Caisa's for a quick chat, I met up with Gians, Lifecoach, and Bulings at 121 along Pasong Tamo. A year in the making, I finally got to catch up and bond with Gians in our typical short and sweet fashion. I'm really glad she's pursuing theater now - finally after so long and many attempts. Congrats Gians! I love you with all my heart :)

Giansy and Chris
Lifecoach, Me, and Giansy


Lifecoach in the dark

Epaline. hehe.

I cannot have any more liquor in my liver... at least for a day. haha. throbbing

Lifecoach, Me, GIans, Chris, and Bulings


189 pounds

- 2000 and Thin

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