Saturday, April 3, 2010


Number 1 thing I love about this Hong Kong trip? I fit! I actually now fit into Asian sizes! I am now officially a Large and a size 34. I can't believe it. Though I have yet to fit into Izzue which is my favorite Hong Kong brand back when I was still think. But for all the other brands? It's a two thumbs up baby! Shop away.

*Me and Manay Aj! Wish Manoy Jodes was with us.

Well, there's really not much to do here in Hong Kong but eat and shop. And that's exactly what I've been doing... Cue Wishin and Hopin' music. Eating, and shopping, and thinking, and shopping, smoke, and drink, the prices are hiiiiii-iiiighhhh... In Hong Kong it's shopping... or diiiiii-iiiieeeeee. Haha. I just came up with that now. Sorry, my creative juices are still activated by the video that Jo made. If you haven't seen it yet... do check it out. Help make our music video Number 1 in Youtube. haha.

*Read to hit the stores. Yes, I'm an outfit repeater. Pabayaan.

Shopping away in HK, I can't help but look back at my recent trip to Sapporo where I only really bought Royce and a pair of shoes. Yessir! One pair of shoes because everything else absolutely does not fit. As in. Baboy. Pekpek. Mukha akong balyena... So now that my appetite is actually back, I really have to watch what I eat. And nope, vacation is not an excuse. It's a consuelo de bobo for people who just wanna eat unhealthy and waste away in unnecessary calories. So today, no more fries again. Maybe just 4pcs. of Mc Donalds Chicken Wings instead of 8pcs. And no more snacks along the way. Eat meals talaga. Meals!

Number 2 thing I love about HK? My friends are actually here. By the droves! Yes we are meant to coalesce at night, for every night that we're here. But I've actually been bumping into them in random places while on  a shopping prowl. I love it!

*Me with my favorite girls. Macky and Christel

*The Louis Vuitton window is love


Sweet and Sour Pork
Yang Chow Fried Rice (what else?)
et al

*Manay Aj, Ate and Gabbi, Lorena with Isabella

4 pcs. wings from Mc Donalds
Orange Juice

My favorite!

Dinner: Chinese Food again
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Fried Shrimp Roll
Sweet and Sour Pork
Lechon Macau
et al

 Manay Aj and I at the airport, waiting for our flight

Isabella. I don't wanna hear this... pose!

Bon Voyage!

Gabbi is so darn cute!

*Ate, Ate Rica, and Manay Aj with her dinner. Yes, a lollipop. haha

*Tally (bits) haha. labo.

*Macky and Christel by the Giordano flagship store. Walk right and you'll see this swanky boutique hotel called Mira. And somehwere in the vicinity is an alleyway where a bunch of us had a drink.

Homaygad. It's pussy galore... in person!

Julo and Mikko join us for a nightcap!

Sarap ng Tsing Tao-wer.


- 2000 and Thin

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