Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lately, my Sundays have been very... eventful. Haha! Because I'm away every weekend, I sort of makeup for the lost time by meeting up with some of my friends and having some form of social life on a supposedly holy day. Riding home from Pangasinan at 430 in the morning, I got in Manila at around 730 and took a nap before I hit Polo for a supposed cathartic tennis game since I haven't been able to exercise lately.

My acting workshops have started and that preoccupies me from 8pm to 10pm Mondays to Fridays, immediately after I get out of work.

Unfortunately, the tennis courts were full and the field was being used for an event so I ended up just jogging around the village - which is such a task by the way. I like being able to measure how much I've ran, and when I jog in the polo field, every lap is tantamount to 1 kilometer. Ergo, 3 laps is 3 kilometers.

15 minutes of jogging around Forbes

Met up with the 9 Works Family afterwards and after an epic fail of a working meeting, we ended up just hanging out until everyone parted to their Sunday errands. Jonjon was left with me and we bonded over High Society before we decided to head over to the wake of my good friend Aye's dad. My sincere condolences to your and your family.

Carlos, Anna, Jonjon, Santi and Me

Beforehand, I made a pit stop to Flaming Wings where Christel and Mela were having dinner after watching a game of PBA. We were basically reaffirming each other, and helping out a friend in need (a friend indeed) and catching up. If it's one thing I learned, it's that you should never doubt the resiliency of the human heart. It can be stepped on, spilled acid upon, torn and broken, but it will always heal. Which is why you need time and for artists like me, some music :)

Fighter Woman Mela and my bourg, Christel
Me, Bourg and Mela

Jonjon and I met up with Mark after the wake at Coffee Bean kung saan nagkahiyaan pa kaming magkayayaan uminom. Pa coffee coffee pa kuno pero sa Red Horse din pala ang bagsak. Now you might be wondering... why do I drink red horse? Well, that's how I learned how to drink. From my High School classmates who drank red horse all the time.

Jonjon, Mark and Johann aka Cheng who followed to where we were! I love it! Suka na... pose!


1 pc. mojo
6 slices of thin crust Pepperoni Crunch Pizza from Shakeys 
1 slice of thin crust Hawaiian Pizza

Here we go again. Jonjon ready to chow down the pizza

8 pcs. wings from Flaming Wings

5 bottles of Red Horse at Four by Force

Carlos aka Steak

Anna and Jonjon aka Mama Butz

My buddy Santi Santamaria

I like this outfit

190 pounds

dunno... because...

- 2000 and Thin

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