Wednesday, April 28, 2010

107-108: DARKNESS

Darkness - a state or environment through which people achieve their truest and most potent selves. When people become most real or unafraid because it masks the dagger looks of those who pry. In darkness, everything disappears and what is revealed momentarily is a still, small light or a still, small voice that echoes and persists. A still, small force that doesn't dishevel when light fades.

Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

You know how when you watch a movie, the movie house is kept dark? Not even drably lit. Dark. Pitch black, lit only by the glare of the movie screen? It's coz it's the only state through which the eye is able to fully and freely see. It's only through darkness that the eyes achieve their widest state and are thus able to perceive in full effect, what happens within the microcosmic world of a movie, or the macrocosmic scale of the universe.

That's why when you leave the movie theater, or a dark room, you get blinded by the light. And for a second there, your senses get disgruntled that either you're led astray and totally forget about the beauty that you had just witnessed, or you keep on the path of being a transforming difference to yourself and others, treading a purpose-driven life.

In darkness, the eyes are fully open. And so, blind as we all are in stark daylight, in the glaring heat of the sun, when the judgmental hubbub and the judgmental eyes are prowling left and right, when the film becomes raw and the subject is harshly exposed, we inch one step closer to the truth.

Just take a look. The darkness lingers. Baggage.

DAY 107:

Steak Strips
1/3 cup of Red Rice

1 pc. fried chicken from Mc Do
a lil' bit of frieds
7 bottles of red horse

DAY 108:

Lunch / Merienda:
Phad Thai
1 bite of Polo Cheese Burger
1 pc. crazy maki
2 pcs. bagnet strips w/ 2 subos of rice
1 frozen margarita

1 tapsilog from Rufos
1 pc. of Joby's tocino
3 pcs. of lifecoach's Tokwa't Baboy
4 bottles of red horse
1 subo of sisig

Early Morning Last Hurrah:
Lechong Macau
Crispy Noodles

Second Childhood

Rogelio, Joanna Bellatrix, Patisha Mae, Jean Karl

Ed, Fran, Nico, Renz, Shirl, Harold and Patisha Mae

Robbie, Peachy, Grech, Sundee, Ice

Patisha, Karl and Nica... haha. what's with the look?

No place like home: Me, Steak, Lifecoach, Ice, Jon, Joby

none... que horror

189 pounds... fuck

-2000 and Thin

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