Saturday, April 17, 2010


Wow mom. Sana naman bigyan ako ng heads up bago ako tawagin sa stage para mag-speech para ipakilala ka... para hindi ako stuttering and left clueless on what I'm going to say.

Yesterday's campaign was really something. It was a mix of good, bad, and the ugly and terrifying. It took me back to 2007... only I'm not the same guy anymore.

First sortie was awful. I was stuttering... and I even said on-stage... ok so ano pa ba sasabihin ko... oh yes. without further ado, eto na ang inyong nagmamahal, Manay Gina de Venecia. Homaygad!

Second sortie was the best. My speech was streamlined with the help of Nanay Josie. And the crowd was awesome. They were receptive. They were answering my questions. They were game during my spiels. And it was like 2007 again when I was onstage performing alongside Kuya John, Shermaine and Shalala. I was confident and I pulled it off. And mom praised me for it in on the car ride to the 3rd sortie. And mom's not the type who'll make bola. She was really happy. I was really happy.

Third sortie was awful. Not only was the crowd dead and unreceptive. There was a major blackout and for security reasons, we had to be evacuated out of the venue for fear that it might be sabotage or god forbid, no I don't even wanna say it. You know how these local campaigns work. Everyone surrounded mom, and the security basically rushed me to the car and we were told to stay down on the car floor as we hurriedly drove out of the venue. I seriously didn't know what was happening. It was a mix of shock and fear... kaba. I couldn't help but cry while I was docking to "save my life." Putang ina. I did not sign up for this. But more than anything... it's times like this that I seriously fear for my mom and why she's entering this arena.

All in a day's work. Shet.


2 beef bowls from Yoshinoya (eaten on the road to Pangasinan)

Inihaw na Baboy Strips
1/3 cup of white rice
1 sip of San Mig Light... I can still taste last night's Red horse. haha

- 2000 and Thin

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