Monday, May 3, 2010


Last Friday, I had my last shoot for SM. Tiring as it was, as it always is, well... it was also a bit sad because it's the last. I dunno if I've said this before but I always felt like I was Ugly Betty - displaced in the fashion world, among other things. But like Ugly Betty, I felt that I did good in my time with the company and my superiors have been more than happy with me and constantly prod me to consider a career in fashion marketing. I thank them for all the trust they've given me in handling the job. It's one thing to have a foot in the door, it's another thing to stay and toughen up your gut.

Like I've said previous entries, I feel that I have other strengths and passions to nourish, to nurture, and to really spend time for. After all, if you love something so much, you have to devote time and energy to it to make it grow - like a garden. Tend your dreams. Dreams take time.


Lunch from North Park:
1 serving of fried rice
1 pc. squid
1 pc. tofu
1 pc. fried pork
1 bottled water

2 servings of corned beef rice
2 bottles of Red Horse at Handle Bar


Prepping up the models

The yosi gang. Lifecoach joined me for the whole day shoot and learned a thing or two about modeling. Haha. Lifecoach, Me and Leon

I love it! Gonzalo works the preppy look

George goes goofy.

Geo my love!

My idol forever and ever... Joan

Plus sized mothels... haha.

Gonzalo and Geo

Joan at work

Aspiring mothel. haha

We love it

Iskul Bukol

Spilt Personalities



Group Shot: Geo, George, Gonzalo, Cherry, Mike, Mark and Me

Me and Gonzalo

Tambay lang

At Handlebar for Nicole's Gig... though we got there too late

Nicole (Long time no see! Check out her new band... General Luna!), w/ Robbie and Peachykins

Jonjon, Fredison Lo, Steak, Lifecoach, Sundee, Paolo, Nic, Robbie, Peachy

Fred, Steak, Lifecoach, Sunds, Nic, Me, Robbie, Peachy

This is supposed to be suka in high fashion. But only Nic and I did it. w/ Fred, Steak and Karen

Jon, Lifecoach, Steak, Karen, Fred, Nic


- 2000 and Thin

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