Monday, May 3, 2010


So we got back from Pangasinan today. I'm a bit groggy, half-awake, half-asleep though thankfully, my writer's brain is not yet blocked so I can still write. With the stuff that I have to do for tomorrow (aka learn my audition piece and exercise), I figured this is the only time I have to actually catch upon on the blogosphere.

I woke up today with a lil' bit of regret from passing out early last night. I was the earliest to wake I think... that even before Carlos sounded off the people in our room to get their asses out of bed, I was already half-awake. As usual, I was being Mr. Procrastinator.

Had Lifecoach update me on the goings-on last night when I was passed out (seen above), over a morning smoke under the glare of the sun. Carlos later on soaked up to achieve a glowing tan. See not everyone has the license to do that. Hello flabs. Apparently, the gang was so disappointed that the Ms. Gay Beauty Pageant didn't pan out last night that they decided to trip on youtube clips of Ms. Gay Beauty Pageants. The answers of the contestants are the stuff of legends. Hahaha.

They drank some more in the house. And I was passed out in the room. Oh man, I seriously missed out. Hayyy. Panis navidad.

For lunch today, we took a fifteen minute boat ride to a house on stilts where we had the most sumptuous lunch ever. As in, sinful. And we even had lechon care of Kapitana. The yummiest lechon you can ever sink your teeth on. The skin was so crispy. I could've eaten the skin of the whole pig. Ang sarap lang mag-xenical. There was also inihaw na baboy which is of course my favorite so I pigged out some more. My only saving grace was that I didn't eat dessert. But ya, that's totally consuelo de bobo.

We ended up hitting the pool at Uncle Tito's house afterwards but not before checking out Leisure Coast. Daming tao. We wanted something more private so we found ourselves back in Casa Isabelle where we hit the pool and for the others, the beach. Dating gawi. Swimming while drinking and smoking. Cam whoring too. And fun, fun, fun until the sun had set and it was time to head home to Bonuan.

After dinner, at around 930pm, we headed for Manila and got in at around 1am. So ends our 2-day sojourn. Short but sweet. I wish we could have stayed longer. Let the good times roll.


Inihaw na Baboy
2 servings of White Rice

Red Horse

1 serving of white rice
Inihaw na Baboy


- 2000 and Thin

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