Monday, May 10, 2010


... continued from yesterday

1/2 liter of Red Horse
3 glasses of Watermelon Shake w/ Strawberry the Bar
6 shots of Strawberry the Bar

More babuyan after Shakeys with Juju's Chili Crabs...

And the third dinner... ihawan during the inuman...
Manoy JM, BJ, Bern and Juju ended up roasting oysters, liempo and squid...


*Christian, Me, Tintin, Alin, and Isabelle.

So I passed out pretty early last night. Talo pa ako ni Daddy. Humabol pa pala siya sa ihawan ng 230am. Sina Wyson finished at around 430am. I must've been pretty exhausted from yesterday's festivities. We went on what was probably one of the longest motorcades of my life as a last hurrah for the campaign. Didn't really get to ride one of those open top trucks as exhibited in the photo above (taken from Tintin's Facebook). Instead, we rode my refrigerator car. Opened the car door. Opened all the windows. Para mukhang pang motorcade. And kept it that way all throughout as we drove through the whole of Dagupan. A total of four hours I think. I even fell asleep for an hour and a half, yes with the car door open, and woke up, totally soaked and sticky. What an experience.

*Manoy JM, Isabelle, Tintin, Alin, Wyson

*Manoy JM, Me, Isabelle, Alin, Wyson, Tintin

We were throwing caps galore, and shouting to the top of our lungs, "Kay Manay Gina Tayo!" to every passerby.... pacing our rhythms to the tune of Apple Bottom Jeans which was playing at full blast in my car radio (on repeat. sinusuka ko na ang apple bottom jeans). My car was obviously under equipped because my expectations of the motorcade was that we were gonna be riding those well-stocked open top trucks. Apparently, there was no more space for us. So we had to make do with our "interesting" circumstances.

Made baboy with Shakeys upon returning to the house, followed of course by the seafood dinner, and finally the ihawan dinner-inuman. I stopped at Shakeys. I had way too much pizza - a repercussion of hardly eating anything for lunch.

So today was pretty chill as compared to yesterday. Woke up early to greet everyone in my life a Happy Mother's Day whether through facebook or text. Slept again. Woke up a lil' before 12 before we set off for mass in Dagupan. How ironic that we saw mom's opponent in church where she and her husband Benjie did the offertory. Gross. She really does look like a white lady. And all the black propaganda they're throwing at mom is really so disgusting. Ang cheap lang ha! Get a life.

Ate in Gloria Maris afterwards then returned home to vegetate and stare at the ceiling. At some point, I dragged my ass out of bed and went to Isabelle's house for a night swim and the most babuyan dinner. Oh man. I'm really bloated. Vote wisely tomorrow! And happy mother's day to my kooky mom :) I love you so much :) 


Lunch at Gloria Maris:
1 cup of fried rice
fish with tofu
2 pcs. sweet and sour pork
1 bowl of yummy soup
2 pcs. beef w/ broccoli
1 glass of watermelon shake

Dinner at Casa Isabelle:
Shabu Shabu
5 pcs. tempura
1 glass of watermelon shake
2 pcs. pandan chicken
6 pcs. california maki
1 serving of mango jubilee

shit ang sarap nito.
my diet is totally rendered useless in this trip...





Manoy JM

Isa and Wyson

Me and Tintin

Alin and Manoy JM

Uncle Boy, Isabella, and Juju

Alin, Tintin, and Isa...

Oh my god. masyadong pacute

- 2000 and Thin

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