Monday, May 3, 2010


So I actually just arrived from Pangasinan today with a bunch of my friends. We had two blissful days of buhay baboy at our provincial rest house - eating, drinking, tanning, and swimming the night away in good company, crazy antics, and a whole lot of theater lovin.'

First day was quite eventful. Started the day with a late breakfast, followed by a trip to Uncle Tito's rest house where we first tanned in the sandy beach, had a late lunch (pre-dinner actually), then transferred to the pool for some ridiculously good R and R. Never realized it was fun to drink and smoke while swimming. I've always wanted to do that. Now, I think I'll be doing it more often as part of Rockstar Living 101. Haha.

When we got back to our residence, El Conio Boys Jayce and Santi had just arrived from Manila who were test driving this wicked awesome car, and they joined us for a Seafood Attack Dinner.

Earlier that day, I was told by Tita Cathy to represent mom in one fiesta that was going to be happening later that night. It was gonna be a Ms. Gay Beauty Pageant which I was totally game for, and if ever, I would've been a judge. Of course, I was going to bring my friends and sort of give them a taste of the campaign life. You can just imagine my disappointment when we got to the location after getting lost to find out that the fiesta had been postponed. Holy Mother of Bleep. Sayang! Our spirits got pretty low. Thank God a ride at Jayce's test wheels became the perfect rollercoaster upper... literally.

I ended up dragging the gang to Cuattro Bar on the hinterlands of Dagupan City to try the infamous Macho Mug. For some reason, I got hammered. So uncharacteristic of me. Maybe it's the exhaustion. As we drank some more when we got home, I was the first one to throw in the towel. Epic fail!

Out of town trips are the best :)

Corned Beef Rice
1 pc. spam
1 pc. egg
A portion of daing na bangus

Late Lunch:
1 serving of oyster canton
1 pork barbecue
a lot of red horse which got me quite tipsy

A few pieces of pingka

Late Dinner:
Nachos w/ Cheese and Beef
Macho Mug of Red Horse

Santi on the phone with Anna who couldn't join us because she's pregnant. Yey! So happy for her still!

Ninang, Lifecoach, and Steak

Jonjon. Weh. Kunwari umiinom.


Jonjon, Sundee, Robbie, and Peachykinz


- 2000 and Thin

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