Thursday, January 21, 2010


A lot of Wild Things happened on Day 11 of 2000 and Thin...

  1. Just when I was getting into the thick of my porkchop baon for lunch, I saw hair on it. Like black curly hair. What the fuck! So of course I called Jocelyn and she said that it was Nanay josephine, our cook, who put the ulam in the container, and Jocelyn was the one who sealed it. Question is: Where did the hair come from? I even asked Jocelyn, "Bakit may buhok?" She replied, "Kuys, wag mo nalang kainin yan." Sabi ko, "Hindi nga." Oh man... ang sarap pa naman ung first four pieces.
  2. So I took the hair out and hoped that maybe the rest of it would be hairless. But I saw another one, and another one yet again so I decided... ayt, maybe this pork chop was just not meant to be. Crap!
  3. Of course, there's work. That's always wild!
  4. Finally, when I was in Fully Booked with one of my best friends Charlie who's leaving for Spain next week and will be gone for a year, we saw the cutest thing at the 2nd Floor of Fully Booked; WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!!! So obviously... photo-op!


*No breakfast again. Meeting and deliverables left and right... This is becoming a habit. NOT GOOD.

- 1/4 cup of white rice
- 5 pcs. pork chop strips

*On the 4th piece, I saw the hair. oh man... just when it was getting really good. On the 5th, I saw another one and called it quits.

*It's there... buried in the mound of would have been scrumptious but fattening pork chop. Maybe God's also helping me with my 2000 and Thin Goal. Maybe he purposely put hair in the pork chop for me not to indulge in saturated fat.

- 1 Glass of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice from Dulcinea

- 2 Glasses of Water from Mamou
- 1 Cup of Rice Noodle Broth with different stuff in it from Mamou ( I remember having two crab sticks, 1 boiled squid ball, 1 boiled fishball, and maybe 2 squid heads? ) - I dunno... it was a queer sort of concoction but I liked it! But next to Charlie, aka Kare's, single steak... man, mine was chicken shit. The secret to Mamou steak is that they cook the steak in steak fat... That's why it's extra delicious. And oh god... they now have lamb! crap, i really need to lose weight na asap.

*I'm also dying to jog in the polo field but I've been sick since last Monday. Damn it!

* Okay, there were like two shiitake mushrooms din pala...


* Charlie eating the freshly baked bread.

*Mamou steak. Cue music: Parang kailang lang... ang pangarap natin ay kahirap abutin.

*Look at her key lime pie... you spread the whipped cream yourself. I had... water

Afterwards, we headed to Fully Booked, purposely passed Cupcakes in Serendra because I'm avoiding that place for now, and looked around. Got myself Paper Magazine while Charlie browsed through the romantic novels section. She's really into those things - which I honestly find very... unique. But it's what makes her Charlie. And I love her for that. She keeps it real and I'm all about keeping it real nowadays. If the shoe doesn't fit, just take it off. Don't keep forcing something that doesn't fit... coz you'll end up hurting your ankles.

Bumped into my boss Tarin by the way. Wow I've never really bumped into a boss before outside of work. I found it... surreal, but kinda nice. She's one of the bosses I really like in my work place! And very briefly, I saw Didang who was intoxicated on margaritas. She said hi and quickly hurried away to catch a cab. She's so cute! I was telling Charlie that Didang is such a free spirit... and she's a really talented girl. I hope everything's good with her... well maybe not her head tomorrow morning. Haha. That's just wild.

213.5 pounds

214 pounds


  1. Hahaha! Nice seeing you too Toff! Sana kaya ko rin mag-diet tulad mo. :P

  2. eh hindi mo naman kailangan mag-diet. payat ka na eh. sexy pa