Friday, January 29, 2010


Today was one of the most stressful days at work. I was half infuriated, half disappointed with the presentation that our team just did. It's like the whole thing went south and all plans didn't fall into place - - - - after all that planning. What a Train Wreck! Expectations weren't met. And I was just getting really frustrated with everything. I think it showed in my face. If you wear your heart on your sleeves, it's not really that easy to mask your emotions. 

I mean, after all that planning and preparation, things didn't work out. I hate disappointment. I hate being disappointed. And I hate not getting what I want or expect. I'm a brat that way but it's part of life I guess. It's one of those humbling experiences when you realize that the world ain't your oyster, the world doesn't revolve around you, and there are some things you just really have to work hard for - just like everybody else. Believe me, I'm working hard. It's exag!

Anyway, in the middle of my frustration, I headed to Mall of Asia to do some retail therapy. Went to Zara, Gap, and Topman. Didn't really buy anything from Zara 'coz everything seemed so dressy, metro-wy, and I wasn't really in a celebratory mood or power trip to shop along those lines. Topman had nothing but small sizes that don't fit me. So I headed to Gap where I got some jogging shorts and a denim top. Understated, homey, comfortable, and comforting in true Gap Fashion. My plan originally was to go shopping at 200 pounds - a little more than 8 pounds from now - but I just needed to buy something to cope with my stress. 

Funny thing how our taste evolves over the years. I used to be a Gap and American Eagle kid... Then at some point, I found them boring since they were too basic and understated. I was going for loud then, KSP, and flash bang she-bam... so I gravitated towards H&M, Zara, and Structure (which of course is know Express Men). But as I'm getting older, it's like I just wanna look low-profile and un-KSP... maybe an accent here and there, but nothing outlandish in a crazy sort of way... that's just annoying

- 1 cup of brown rice
- 10 pcs. Henlin Siomai (w/ soy sauce and chili)

*I ate a lot for Breakfast. But it's ayt... it's breakfast! King kung king!


- 1 Medium Taro Ice from Quickly (since it was brought up in Chris's car last night... I took a mental picture and just had to satisfy my craving...)

*Shet nakakamiss 'tong Quickly. Hmm... red na pala paper bag ng Gap?

- 1 Slice of Miss Marie's pizza from Italliannis (I wasn't supposed to eat anything more than Taro Ice.. but I just couldn't resist when I was venting my problems to her... Oh man, I'm really gonna miss my area. I don't think it's gonna be the same when I move. I miss my work family...)

*Alam mo... sa sobrang stress... I actually could have had more of this. Thank God Ms. Marie only had once slice left from her takeout... Thank God!



*Amador... being annoying with his Sebastian's Ice Cream... annoying!

* Hmm... maybe not so annoying. JLO had the lowfat chocolate ice cream as I looked on, determined not to eat ice cream as part of 2000 and Thin!


*I swear to God. Mom is too weird. Early in the morning, preparing for my earlier than early meeting, she comes in my room in a girl scout's outfit. I was like... ummm... what the hell? Apparently, she has event in Tarlac with Tita Kimmy! Haha. Mom is too weird but too cute in this picture. Won't see her again 'til Sunday... story of my life pre-elections... 

*So early in the morning... at least Yeng managed a smile... I was sleepwalking...

*Amador being annoying again with this newspaper ad of Shakeys. Shet, it looks so good...

210 pounds

208.5 pounds

- 2000 and Thin

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