Friday, January 15, 2010


Haha! I wish that dude from American Idol will eventually cash out some hit single ala William Hung's "She Bangs." The song sounds catchy enough I think. Obviously watching what remains of American Idol.

So I just came back from the most torturous night ever. Being with good friends without being able to smoke or drink or eat what I want is really hard. I can see why my friend Christel couldn't go to my thing here in the house last Saturday, the night after our yearly Barkada Mongolian at Tanya's.

It's really hard to fight temptation when it's right there in front of your face. Well food-wise, it wasn't so torturous since there was a bottle of almonds from Santi's at Harvey's that I kinda snacked on. But it was torture! Man, it sucks to be sick. I hate being sick. I usually turn to cigarettes but I can't smoke that either because of my stupid tonsilitis. I wish I'd get well soon already. Lemme say that again to follow the rule of three in marketing: I HATE BEING SICK!

*Here's a family pic. I love you guys! p.s. I love Christine's "I will eat Harvey face.:

- Mechado
- 1 Cup of Rice

*Wow, I actually ate Mechado. My yaya Jocelyn always gives me this as baon but I never eat it. I always end up eating with my workmates at Tatang's - the best FIlipino place ever. MCG hearts Tatang's & Marlon!


- 3 pcs. fried chicken strips w/ some to-die-for dip
- Some shitty salad from Pancake House (it was the weirdest combination. Lettuce, Orange with Peel, and Slice Potato Wedges. And it had the shittiest sauce. What the hell were they thinking?!?!
- 2 sips of my shitty Soy Milk before I had to throw it away. The one in the canteen at work is better.

*That's Pat deciding on what to order. She ended up getting a combo meal with to-die-for Pancake House Spaghetti while Michelle and Amador got the 2pc. pan-fried chicken with rice. Actually, their 2 pc. chicken is really good. It's different and a good alternative to KFC. Just no fried chicken for me in the meantime.

* This is what I will someday order.

* This is what I got instead. The shitty salad with the uber yummy chicken strips. Isn't it weird though that there are two textures for the chicken? Of course I only ate three pieces in which I gave the remaining five to Amador.

* I saw this stand while walking to Pancake House after being dropped in MoA and I got excited by the varieties of Soymilk. I'm a huge fan of Soymilk, especially the one from Fruit Magic in Fitness First (back when I was still a Fitness First Member). Sometimes, I'd go to Fitness First just to buy Fruit Magic Soymilk... then leave. Haha! Unfortunately, the one I got tasted like shit. No taste at all and it was a bit weird. 2 sips = 1 big fucking sayonara down the garbage can. BAD SALAD, BAD SOYMILK.

- Sinigang
- 15 pcs. Almonds (much later on at Harvey's fete)

*noticing an obvious trend here. I've been eating Pinoy Food that I usually hate with a capital H. Only coz 1) you save money when you eat your baon; and 2) you save money when you eat what's being served by your cook. I still miss Ate Malou's pieces de resistance. And also, gone are the days of Jocelyn buying me whatever food I wanna inhale within minutes.

* some of the yummy food that Harvey served at his momentous fete. His Spaghetti with liver (which is too too good to be true - I'd have eaten more and more when I first tried it, if only I ate liver...), roasted chicken, and cheese sticks that came in droves. As in, non-stop. Ate tama nalang please...


*Oh no you didn't!!!
*Welcome back from Iloilo Mrs. Candice Alumisn - Tupaz !!! Woot woot!

NAUGHTIES for 2000 and THIN:

*feasting on Selecta Gold Ice Cream ... crap :S

* You did not just go up to get the Lays' Sour Cream and Onion. Kill me :S

*In other words... la-fang!

As I stared and stared at all of 'em eating... my almond intake actually doubled. It was... how would you say... infuriated compensation. Haha! Madly eating Almonds. Mad.


(after eating sinigang)

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