Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm trying to recall the things that happened to me today but it's a blur to me right now. Just finished treadmilling. Touchdown! Finally, I was able to exercise after two weeks of being sick. I still have sniffles but it's not as bad. I'm surprised I'm not dying yet.

Hmmm... okay so I woke up. Oh that's right...

Today was our Grand Go-See. But before that, I had to do a lot of coordinating and a lot of administrative work. I saw a bunch of promising talents and I'm really just dying to hit the field and just finally transcend all my planning into motion. It has been an arduous three months of planning, planning and planning. Sometimes, I can't even believe all the things I have to do.

Update: Breakfast is back! I ate my breakfast again!

- 5 pcs. tempura
- 1/2 cup of white rice

*I ate this really quickly. More like, I inhaled 'coz I had a gazillion stuff to do before the go-see.

LUNCH: Tokyo Cafe in Mall of Asia
- 1 platito of chicken caesar Salad
- 1 cup of shrimp bisque
- 1 sliver of Carissa's boneless chicken strip

*That's Carissa and my work buddy Derrick. Naks, so celebrity na rin pala si Piolo Pascual sa MYX. haha. sorry random... watching MYX right now since American Idol just ended. Carissa, I will try to fly to New York in May after the elections since I'll probably be burned out from all the campaigning.

*Chicken Caesar Salad. Is this fattening ba?

*And of course, the shrimp bisque. The food is actually pretty good! I've eaten here before, first with one of my best friends from high school, Raf. And then my sister Carissa after watching a show of Fashion Week. We caught Tonichi's show I think and then ate in Tokyo Cafe.

*After lunch, I headed back to the go-see before we had to go back to the office. Oh look, it's Michael Fajatin! Haha. Sorry random, I'm watching Saksi now and I remember the Michael Fajatin blooper that I was watching in Youtube back in College.

Anyway, today was kinda rough. More than my administrative transfer and my group being dissolved, I was told that there's a startling possibility that everything that I had worked hard for for the past three months may come to a waste because of some sudden change of wind. One of those shitty things that happen in all work places... Honestly, too much change is too much to handle. All the changes that have happened in my life thus far have been so 180 degree - the latest being mom running. Mom? Running? Great! Now I'm really alone. I might as well be in New York where at least being alone is growing up... Seriously, I have to move to New York. Soon.

I headed back to the go-see with a dark cloud of angst and grief and anxiety surrounding me. I was inconsolable and yeah, yeah... the artist in me has been tempered by the corporate world but not completely. I am still emotional and I'm very passionate. And when you exhaust all effort and passion into what you've been working on, only for it to possibly be discarded without having the chance to defend it, it becomes so infuriating. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself... But fuck that! See, life is better when you're detached. From things. From people. From anything. Because if you're detached, you won't get hurt... And as much as possible, I try not to get hurt anymore...

- 2 pcs. chili wings
- 6 pcs. of inihaw na baboy strips
- 1 1/2 fried lumpiang ubod
- munched on the bone of the inihaw na baboy

*Obviously I went to town with dinner. Of course, when I was eating with Charlie in Mamou last night, I only had soup. Labo noh? Anyway, when I saw Derrick in the office after the go-see, I was like... round up the troops. Let's do this! Being with my work family finally made me forget about all the frustrating things that have been happening over the past few weeks.

*Happier days in our new favorite Hangout - Baia ...

*Not so happier days... This wasn't even all of it. I had two more of the half portions of lumpiang ubod, and like three more of the half portions of chili chicken wings.

214.5 pounds

214 pounds
*after doing forty minutes in the treadmill. thirty minutes brisk walking, ten minutes running.

2000 and Thin!

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