Monday, January 25, 2010


This is it - I'm joining the big leagues. And by big leagues, I mean working my ass off jogging with my eternally fit and forever sexy friend Ida (who claims she needs to lose 3 pounds) but I'm like what the hell? Ang sexy sexy na nga niya eh. Nenso was also there but he was playing basketball with the Dasma Boys. I saw my good friend from grade school Ramesh who apparently works out and plays Basketball in the Dasma gym too. And jetty!

*Don't be misled. Kunwari lang yang demure! Haha. Labyoo Eda Pae.

Anyway, I had a good run today around Dasma, uphill and downhill through the neighboring streets. I was telling Ida that we didn't even need to listen to music anymore coz you could so dance or do some interpretative dance or limbo to my heavy panting - which was on rhythm by the way.

Well obviously, I'm out of shape so I pant. But wow, the sweat was intoxicating. You could see the difference between the wet part and the dry part of my shirt, and it felt so good! And for the first time in a long time, I was able to run for more than twenty minutes straight... without stopping. It helps to be "working out" with someone who motivates you and rids you of your A.D.D. along the way. If I was on the treadmill, even if I was watching 24 in my laptop, I'd probably be counting down the minutes 'til the measly 30 minutes were over so I could still watch 24 but in the bathroom whilst I poop.

I also had a good breakfast but unfortunately skipped lunch coz i was doing so much stuff on my laptop during my lunch break. I couldn't join my work buddies who have all been transfered out of our department because we are in fact being dissolved. Crud, I'll definitely join them tomorrow.

I stayed 'coz well, I've always been a multi-tasker... I can never be doing just one thing at any point in my life or else I get thoroughly bored. My A.D.D. jack-of-all-trades self keeps my mind and spirit vested every step of the way. And it keeps things interesting :)

- Steak Strips w/ Broccoli
- 1 Cup of Brown Rice

*This was such a good breakfast! Would you believe I ate the broccoli first before the steak? Healthy daw oh! The broccoli was a bit soggy but nevertheless good. Of course, I was alternating subos of food with making calls on the phone and attending to a lot of work stuff. See? Multi-tasker! My brother Ipe who's now based in New York City even called me on the phone and made me kwento bout the stuff that's been going on there.

*Trivia, Manoy Ipe was actually one of the reasons why I decided to lose weight. Mom told me that Manoy Ipe called him because he saw some of my Facebook pics and was concerned that I was getting really bloated. Mom pulled me aside one day and asked if she could take me to Sani-Rose Orbeta, my dietitian from way back. I said... No mom. Give me a month to lose ten pounds. I can do this. I lost it in two weeks. In your face! Oh wait... haha. sorry. Love you mom!

*Of course there's Mara's 5-month challenge that I have to be thin when she gets back from Aussie. Nicole's nonchalant observations of my being fat. The biggest loser challenge at work. Manoy Jodes being so skinny and me being competitive that I will beat him! Mwahahaha! Me and my cousin Jo in Bora where I was so afraid to go topless to sunbathe. And basically everyone and anyone who sees me and always says that I gained so much weight.

- KFC's Asian Chicken Salad
- 1 Bottled Water

*Now this meal I didn't enjoy. I dunno... while in a moving car, rushing towards the house so I could jog with Ids, the meal seemed so hurried and greasy. I mean look at it... it's a sullied attempt for a fast food company to provide healthy options to their clientele. Well fine the taste is good. I dunno... basta I wasn't happy with my dinner... Thank God I had the jogging to look forward to!

*This is what I'm having right now as I type. My SoyMilk which I bought last night at Rustan's Express. It's so good! Nutritional Facts: 220 calories for a whole bottle. 20 Calories from Fat. No cholesterol. Lots of Calcium. At first I was thinking, nah, wag nalang... but you know what, after a shitty dinner, I deserve this.

Dinner Part 2
- 1 bottle of My SoyMilk
- 5 pcs. mentos
*oh man, here I go again with Mentos. I have a jar kasi in my refrigerator car (which took a hiatus today since we're coding)...

almost 40 minutes running
w/ intervals of walking...

*This is after our first 20ish minutes of running. Took a break since I felt like pooping and true enough, when I got home, there it went. Poop!

*What do you call those animals in Lion King na when they run... iba iba yung sizes... but they're all hunching forward? It's easy to spell the difference between me and Ids. Someday, I will get there too!

*Ayun na ang mantika.

*And we're off...

*Oh wait there's more...

*That's Jetty in yellow and Nenso on the hustle. Wait, hustle ba tawag dun? Obviously I don't watch Basketball - - only for a time... right cousins?

*Tagline: The tortoise and the hares

*Naks Nens

*Hey Jetty... This is a nice picture noh! Caught on camera: ball between your legs. haha


*Ya definitely not. Why the hell is my singit area wet? See, I hate it when my fat thighs start to chafe. Just when I get into the thick of jogging, whether on the treadmill, in the polo field, or on the road... my thighs start to hurt. Tabi kasi ng hita ko eh.

211.5 pounds

210 pounds
*I even hit 209 after I took a crap upon getting home. Woah!

- 2000 and Thin!

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