Sunday, January 31, 2010


You know how they say that when a butterfly doesn't flap its wings at a certain point in time, it can trigger a series of events that may alter reality as we know it. It's called the butterfly effect. They seem to use this motif a lot in comic books.

Well, my dilemma of late is more of a cause and effect... because when I sleep late, I wake up late, and I'm not able to have an early breakfast which I can supposedly burn with exercise before heading to work. I also lose a huge chunk of my day by waking up late... and momentum is severely lost.

Therefore, all my schedules are adjusted backwards, including my food intake... which leads me to the gastronomic disaster that is today... But it started well though. I had a morning jog in the Polo Field and I realized that since I started 2000 and Thin, I haven't really jogged in Polo... I've been doing treadmill, treadmill, and more treadmill - also 'coz I've been really busy with work and stuff.

*Here's the calming and very peaceful view of the field. On a Saturday afternoon, it's perfect to go for a jog under the heat of the sun. You get a tan, and you also get to ruminate on things without having to worry about anything else or be distracted by things you have to do at that moment.

Success Story: i jogged for two straight laps and each lap is measured as 1 kilometer... So I was running for 2 kilometers. 1 kilometer to go and I can officially join the 3k run...
*Eto na... sabog kung sabog and ready to pass out. Haha!



1 Bottle of Soymilk
1 Yogurt with Berries, Strawberries, and Kiwi

1 Chicken Burger w/ Bun
1 Beef Burger w/ Bun
1 Bowl of French Onion Soup

*Wow, this was so delicious. I could have had another serving actually

- French Fries
- Crispy Fried Chicken Skin
*Crispy Chicken Skin. Gahd, I finished all of this. Talk about babuyan. I even had dessert, Tita Betchay's buko sherbet... Yummmmmm!

*great, just great. I love it everytime Manay Ajja cooks though... She's an excellent cook! And I get really excited to taste and see what she does. I love those culinary techniques that she uses... balsamic reduction, amuse-bouche, and all these fancy techniques that they can't seem to do here in the house - coz all we do every friggin' day is pinirito, sinigang, and nilagas.

*Afterwards, I headed to Valle to crash this party that Christel invited me too. Haha. It was so random. She and I, later joined by Gege, felt so displaced. But the randomest things seem to be the most fun. Hey, free food and free drinks right? Thankfully I didn't eat anymore...

*Wanting to continue our random streak, we headed to Pivo where the three of us had some beer. Bourg and I had our favorite Titje and Gege tried this new beer... presenting...

*Chimay! Haha... long story! Nice to see Gege out and about after so long! Trivia: Titje beer pala is actually wheat beer which is why it tastes so good.

*We were feeling really random so we played this little game of scrolling down our phones to see whose peace we can disrupt and invite over. Several funny and interesting names came up. How about some Tito Boy Abunda? Haha. Wouldn't it be so random if he came at like 230am? Anyway, rule to the people who were texted was: Kung nagpapapilit, 'wag na! Jolo was game and random enough to come out with his girlfriend Cara and we hung out until Pivo kicked us out through closing time! Boo Jetty. Boo!

*BFF w/ Jolo and Cara.

*We took our random streak to Blue Frog when Nikki Fig arrived since her blockmate owns the place, and finally to Reserved since Dax was raving about it the other day. The crowd is pretty good. Not a lot of familiar faces though 'coz it's the North crowd... just like the South has its own crowd... But it was pretty nice. I can see myself hanging out there. It's a good concept. Sushi Bar and inuman place. Kinda like distillery but with sushi.

Next random night will be there... for sure! I love randomness!

-1 Bottle of Titje Beer

*View from the Top
*Cousins w/ Max and Tita Joce watching Glee on Manay Ajja's laptop. I love Glee! I love how theater people have been put into the spotlight :) Finally a show that celebrates their talent.

*The gorgeous Princess Auntie Bechay


- 3 Laps around the Polo Field (2 Laps running + 1 Lap brisk walking)

- 208 pounds

- 212 pounds
*Oh god, it's the dinner isn't it? And metabolism slowed down 'coz I didn't have breakfast. Shoot shoot.

- 2000 and Getting Fat

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