Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I miss jogging. I miss jogging so much. After doing it straight for a week before I left for Japan, and since I got back, it's like I've become attached to it. I like jogging with a clear head in the Polo Field since I get to think and ruminate about the things that my A.D.D. self never gets to ponder on.

The reason why I'm saying this is because I haven't been able to exercise for the past two days. Therefore, all my dieting has been inefficient - not that my cutting back on food intake isn't leading anywhere. But it all just gels together when you're actually exercising.
And the reason I haven't been able to exercise is because... I'm sick! I feel like I have a flu about to erupt that I've just been combatting with lots of medicine as part of my O.C. and being a hypochondriac. "After all, an ounce of prevention is better than cure."


- Asian Chicken Salad from KFC (Hey. This is actually really good. Dunno if it's not fattening though...)
- 2 Bottled Water

- bottled water
- 3 Small Pots of Green Tea from Cafe Breton in Mall of Asia

*side note: God are you seriously playing tricks on me? So my boss decides to hold our meeting at Cafe Breton. Look what everyone's eating?

There you go... everyone was eating crepe. Crepe with chocolate dressing. Crepe with spinach inside. Crepe with egg and tomatoes. Crepe with strawberries. Burgers injected with Mozzarella. Everyone was eating something - except me. Haha. Poor me... I had 3 pots of mint tea instead.


- 1 Cup of Fried Rice
- 7 Pcs. Crunchy Teriyaki Chicken Bites
- 3 Pcs. Tempura
- Egg White Toppings from Charlie's Katsudon ('coz she doesn't eat egg)
- Togi

* So I guess I followed the January 11 formula again. Not eat anything, or hardly eat anything the whole day then binge eat at night. Well, it was one of my last dinners with one of my best friends Charlie before she leaves for Spain for an indefinite period of time. We ate at Sugi Greenbelt - (Oh man! I miss Sugi)

* I'm really going to miss her. She's one of those steady forces in my life - and I always look forward to seeing her and catching up with her. We're on the same wavelength... most definitely. I'm going to miss you Charlie Barredo (of course you won't read this because you're computer oblivious. haha. Love you!

* My phone died right before I could take a picture of what I ate. But pat on the back for resisting ordering 1 more cup of fried rice, for giving 2 of my 5 pcs tempura to Charlie, for letting her finish the chicken teriyaki bites, and for not ordering COFFEE JELLY. 

EVENING WEIGHT: 222.5 lbs (by 11:15pm)

not bad... considering I had eaten dinner, and drank like 100 pots of tea, and drank a gazillion bottles of water today. ergo, I am bloated with water weight... haha. And that I wasn't able to exercise because I'm on the verge of getting sick...

- 2000 and THIN

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