Thursday, January 28, 2010

DAY 18: Shooting Stars

So I've been getting writer's block as the days go by, not to mention, super puyat as I always write this blog an hour before I sleep. And yes, writing a daily weight loss blog has become mentally and physically taxing, not to mention incredibly demanding... but as I keep reminding myself, the rewards will be worth it in the end. So just keep writing.

Keep at it. Don't censor. Keep it real. Write from your heart because deep down, you know what you want naman eh. What you want is to lose weight - - - so lose it. You've never wanted anything so bad in your life of late as 2000 and Thin! So get to work!

Anyway, speaking of work, I realized... I've been starting my blog for the past few days ranting about work. It's become like my habitual catharsis upon contact until my thoughts hit their current weight loss trajectory... Since work will forever be work, I will just focus my energy on other things...

Today was bittersweet... my best friend Charlie finally left for Spain. She boarded the plane at 820pm... and I got to speak with her twice before she left. Wow, I realized, I'm really going to miss that girl. But at the same time, I'm really thrilled that she gets to live out her dream. 10 Months is a long time but just like me writing this weight loss blog, the rewards for her will be worth it in the end.

Can't believe she's flying to Spain without a laptop or a camera though. I asked her how she was going to study and all. How will she manage to survive? she said, "Kare, pen and paper." Charlie has always been one of those traditionalists who tries to stay away from trappings of technology and do it the old school way, at least from the technology of want rather than the technology of need.

It's nice to have preservationists in your life like that... sometimes, we get so distracted by technology that we forget about the many beautiful things that make our world so unique and beautiful, and the very foundations that keep the human spirit essentially afloat and alive in this age of modernity. Okay... this entry is getting too deep. na-no-nosebleed na ako. and........... scene! Love you Charlie! Bon Voyage!

*Shot shot shot...


- 1 cup of brown rice
- Salmon w/ Tomato Ketchup
*Ya super weird combination but oddly enough... it worked. And it was good.

- 2 pcs. chicken pandan
- 2 small servings of phad thai
- 1 cup of Thom Yooong Soup with 1 pc. shrimp
- 2 pcs. fried eggplant (from Nicole's beef salad...)
- 1 pc. of calamares

*Mara wanted to hit Saguijo tonight to check out some bands so before that, we rounded the troops for a quality dinner at People's Palace.. crap, someone went to town with dinner. You're right Rev. When you have spicy from the get-go, you tend to eat more. Man, I shoulda listened... or unhinged myself from the table after eating 2 pcs. pandan chicken... Not good!

And since it was so close between the time I left work and the dinner... I couldn't squeeze in any form of exercise anymore. Crap. Oh there I just crapped... I'm actually popping in the toilet

Anyway, today I got my very first mixed CD - workout CD that is for 2000 and Thin. Thanks Mara! And for the lil' camera too...

*I had 2 pcs. of this chicken pandan - - - so yummy.

*The soup was spicy and delicious.

*This was the killer. I had 2 servings of phad thai, thought it wasn't that good. Actually if you think about it, it's not that much... but it's a lil' bit out there compared to what I've been eating for these past few weeks for dinner. Hello soup and salads?

*2 pieces of fried eggplant. This was actually pretty good. I wish they knew how to cook this in the house. But all Nanay Josephine knows how to cook is the same ol' daing na bangus, inihaw na bangus, piniritong bangus, sinigang na bangus... bangus, bangus, bangus. Pwede ba? Anyway, I gave her a bunch of recipes today I tore from Men's Health magazine... Hope she can whip some nice stuff up.

*So I had a good dinner today with the gang at People's Palace in Greenbelt - two days in the making. The food there is always good but seriously, we have to be on the lookout for new places to eat. I don't wanna become one of those creatures of habit who always dines in the same place. But can you blame me if the food here is just too good? And it's fragrant too. I love fragrant food. 
Oh and Indian!

*Sealed with a kiss. Guess who's lipstick?

The Killers may have cancelled their Asian tour for reasons unknown, but one killer reason I do know that deterred me from 2000 and Thin is that I had two beers tonight. and it sucks... not to mention my Purple Lacoste Cap got a whole on it. It fell into the floor while we were at People's and I flicked my cigarette stick on it... and it started to burn a hole through the cap. Oh man... that was my favorite cap pa naman. I was seriously bummed. I don't know why I brought down that cap to begin with. So stupid. And as we kept blowing and blowing on it... our breaths merely fanned the flame... and the hole kept getting bigger. Fuck! So Stupid... Flashback to New York when i was with Macky and Gege in this bar... And my beanie totally caught on fire too... 'coz I left it near the candle. Stoops!


*Si Ser H

Mara and Cristine

*I think the flash was too bright. This is my face when I'm about to take a crap. Oh god the double chin.

*Sibling shot... yes they all look like they're siblings

*Afterwards, Cristina dragged me and Rev to Distillery for Paul's birthday thing. Guess who we bumped into? Shot shot shot... shot shot shot....

*Gucci pouts. haha

*Face off


*Flashback to work: Look at Amador with his Mc Donalds combo meal. Annoying!


*Good job on the ampalaya Ms. Marie. I love how your meal is explicitly P40... haha! Yey! Healthy eating for
2000 and Thin!

*TOFF! *TOFF! Louder... *Toff. It operates when there's a loud base and seems to have taken a liking towards me :)

(none) - Ouch! 

209.5 pounds

211 pounds
*damn beers and no workout. Gahhhd!

- 2000 and Thin

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