Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today was a rather interesting day. Things weren't so rough at the office - just a lot of administrative stuff, surely a lot of walking back and forth from one building to the next - but nothing so severe that i'd wanna cut my throat off or pull my hair out in grief.

At about 530 (not pounds because that's just exag!), I headed to Makati for a work event but not before I canvassed some stuff outside of the store. I literally had to go up and down the MRT escalator and circle the store around three times to do research - see that's passion right there bitches. Haha!

Headed to the store to join my friend Amador for the launch of Rajo's exclusive menswear collection. Saw a bunch of familiar places and caught up with Tonichi who I hadn't spoken to in ages. Wow, 30 years in the company. He's been with my company for the past thirty fucking years. That's really something - that's passion to the nth degree... RESPECT.

*From left to right, that's Ms. Millie Dizon, Tonichi Nocom, Marx Topacio, Me, Peter Nordell, and Rajo Laurel. Congrats Rajo! I'm sure your collection is going to sell like crazy! I will buy your clothes at 200 pounds.

*Shortly after, I headed home and was surprised by the full house that we had after a very long time. Mom and Dad are back in town after being in Pangasinan for so long. Mom is of course running and Dad's been helping her out. Tonight, I am not alone in this fortress - at least for four days. Ate Carissa and Juju also stopped by and we all sat for a family dinner. That's dad cooking kobe. yummm... of course I didn't eat because I had a dinner with my friend's at Tina's newest acquisition, L' Ilcontro along Reposo St.

*That's mom, dad, Ate Carissa and Juju! Ate and I are really into this weight loss thing and we're trying to slim down coz we're both on the heavy side. She's trying to be a hot mama to Bella and Gabbie. In fair to dad, he's fit for his age. And he treadmills like every other day if not every day. Props to an old chap at age 73.

*Fuck look at the kobe slab - which I didn't even touch. Had one tiny sliver and then I hurried na to L'Ilcontro. Didn't wanna spoil my dinner

- Chopped up Barbecue
- Brown Rice (Jon, I followed your advice. I'm officially switching to Brown. not the singer)

*Brown Rice and Chopped up Barbecue from Ineng's. Yummm... I love brown rice. But I told our cook not to make it sticky. I like it buhaghag.

- (none)

Dinner (PART 1)
- 1 tiny sliver of kobe.

Dinner (PART 2)
- Gnocchi
- Half Portion of Veal
- Crepe w/ Truffle Cream Sauce, Ham and Mushrooms
- 2 1/2 glasses of red wine
- Water

Dinner (PART 3)
- 1 Bottle of San Mig Light
- Iced Tea Shake

*That's Macky, Tina, Mela with her bangs, and Micho.

*Red and Cigs

*This crepe is to die for! I could just eat this all night.

*This is the veal portion I shared with Mela. This is 1/2 veal and 1/4 gnocchi since we split it among the four of us. Right when I was about to leave, Christel arrived and I joined them for a bit.

*Someone was all dolled up. Christel came from a wedding of our batchmate. Yes people, our batchmates are getting married. Are they setting the new standard? Or are we just getting left behind?

Shortly after, I headed to Bugsy's for my buddy Ida's going away party. She's officially leaving the company although duh, of course i'll still see her again. In particular next week because she and Nenso are becoming my official health coaches and workout buddies for 2000 and Thin. Let's do this! I'm stick of being obese

*Seriously guys, they're an attractive couple. Just not in this picture. haha! love you both!


*Afterwards, I headed to Cuisine and caught a brief glimpse of the club before I headed to Cafeteria with Harvs and Christine. Mika and Cristina joined us eventually for a chat. Guess what I had?

*An iced tea shake. Rev!!! I didn't have our lechon for the first time!!! Anyway, Harvs is leaving on Sunday I think and I'm really going to miss him. I feel like I didn't even get to hang out with him as much in this trip! I will see you soon  friend :)

*Ok i think I'm gonna wrap this up. I'm getting exhausted and i have a gazillion things to do tomorrow, including exercise. Good night world!

2000 and Thin

213 pounds

214.5 pounds

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