Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 20: 2000 and Fat!

Typing this entry on the way home. Just dropped Rev off after a night in Encore with Cris. She and I wanted to check out that DJ who originated the “Shot, shot, shot” song and we didn't even get to hear the song play. We kinda stepped out for a bit to check out Cuisine and according to Rev, that was about the time that it played. Sayang!

On a more random note, we drifted off to what I can only describe, to be politically correct, as the randomest area in the club where a lot of hilarious and random moments happened. First some guy who mistakenly shakes my hand. Then another guy who shoos me away, wanting me to move. And the most random of all, some guy who looked at me, then Cris, then gave the most confused look of disapproval. Hello? Is he blind? What a douche!

But it was all good. Bumped into a lot of familiar faces. And it was nice bonding with Cris in the absence of everybody else. I broke my 2000 and Thin though tonight which explains my bloatedness as I type. And my probable bloatedness tomorrow - which is why I SUPER SUPER have to treadmill. Haha! (Nicole! Harvs! I just remembered... SUPER thanks talaga!)

I dunno… when you feel random, you just decide to throw it all out the window – though still in comparative moderation. It’s one of those things that you just acquire as you gain wisdom and foresight into the future.

I ate… but I didn’t eat as much. Oh boy, I wonder what my weight will be when I get home... I most definitely have to treadmill tomorrow, or jog in the Polo Field to shed off all my excess weight - hoping that the horse shit on the tracks have been cleared out. 

Saw Ms. Lora today at the office, and she said that she reads my blog, and she noticed that my weight see-saws a lot. She’s right. It does see-saw… coz I gain momentum, and then I have these bouts of weakness, and I succumb… but not too much that I totally make baboy. No naman… I just have a better sense of self and limit now, but discipline waivers when temptation is there…

As we were about to leave, I saw Rev (who had a lil too much to drink) and he invited to eat. I decided to stay with him and we chatted over pork belly and clam chowder. 2000 and Thin! What the bleep happened? 

Before that, I was at David and Alfie's and had a nice time catching up with all my lovely, beautiful, too gorgeous for words friends. I felt perfectly happy and normal when I was with them... but upon getting to Encore and seeing a lot of younglings all dolled up and ready to paint the town red... I realized... crap, my friends and I are getting old. We're becoming... yuppies. Ick! young professionals indeed

Anyway, today I realized something worth sharing... the heart may always be the same. But the mind  changes and evolves over time. The heart is constant. It can be scarred, it can love or be loved, it can feel pain... but it's resilient. But the mind gets sharper and wiser.

When you’re young, you have the tendency not to know what you really want, or how you feel for that matter. And your mind is not necessarily at the level of potency or maturity to guide your heart accordingly. As you get older, you experience the same emotions – love, hate, anger, resentment, infatuation, joy, sadness… – but the wisdom that you have accrued through age and experience is able to temper them and keep these emotions at bay.

You can find yourself feeling strongly about something and then you realize… you know what… wait a minute. You take a step back... maybe it’s not the right time… not now…and maybe perhaps, life is not at wit's end. It happens. It goes on. And in the midst of hopeless ends, it becomes a hopeful beginning... That said... happy birthday to my O-Boys for life... David and Alfers. Here's to you guys! To beginnings! Love you both!


- 1 pc. Pepperoni Crunch Pizza
- Chicken and Corn Soup
- 2 pcs. Mojo
- 1 pc. Fried Chicken
- 2 glasses of water
*heavy lunch much?

*Pepperoni Crunch from Shakeys... yum!

*Mojos! I had 2 pcs.

DINNER (Part 1)
- 1 pc. Food for the Gods
- 1 small serving of spaghetti
- 4 pcs. melba toast with the yummy dip
- 4 pcs. inihaw na liempo
- 4 pcs. lechon kawali
- 1/4 lumpiang ubod
*wow... ang dami lang...

DINNER (Part 2)
- 4 pcs. dragon roll from Cuisine

*Dragon Roll... Yummm....

DINNER (Part 3)
- 1 Cup of Clam Chowder
- 1 pc. of crispy pork belly... no!!!! I succumbed
*Crap... I'm dozing off... hurry

- 2 Cups of Pomelo w/ Orange The Bar
- 1 Shot of The Bar (the birthday shot)
- 3 glasses of Asti
- 1 San Mig Light

*not good...


*My wonderful work family, comprised of: Michelle, Rina, Pearl and Ninoy on the right...
*Ach... I almost dozed off...

*Sunsilk eating inihaw na baboy and Alfie's spaghetti that takes like Pancake House ... Yumm!!

*T.Gar coming at' ya

*Yun oh, pork belly!

1 Week old little puppy dawg.. M-Dawg's protege.... Katsu... short for Katsudon! Awww.... so cute!

D-reez and the real M-Dawg who invented a commendable variant to shit shit. haha


*And the real liempo if I keep eating like this again... (me at Mongolian three weeks and fifteen pounds ago...

206.5 pounds
*after 30 minutes treadmill... woah!

210.5 pounds
*what the fuck!

- 2000 and Thin (or FAT!)

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