Monday, January 11, 2010





AT 6:00pm a light dinner by the breeze - Yes Harvey, light dinner by the breeze talaga - at the Polo Sports Lounge >>

- Salad Nicoise
- 6 pcs Crazy Maki (yes, I left out two pieces as part of cutting back on food intake)

- 2 pcs. Mentos
- 1 bottle of soymilk
- picked on Mom and Dad's Bangus

(I headed to 3rd floor to hang out with Mara, HB, Nicole and Harvey since Harvey leaves on Friday! boo :P the bunsos ended up leaving early so the panganays stayed. We headed to the Ice Cream Bar at Rockwell to have some dessert since HB was getting hungry. Texted Rev and he ended up joining us. And I met Kate for the first time. She's super nice. really fascinating creative woman. and she loves music. Mara and I were just ecstatic. And so, against my will, I ended up eating...

- Yogurt w/ Berries, Kiwi, and Strawberries

(photo courtesy of )
*Anton, my goal is by the end of three months, I can visit all the delicious places you recommend. in the meantime, 2000 and thin!

that capped off my food intake for the day.


30 minutes in the treadmill (15 minutes walking & 15 minutes running) - while watching ASAP '09. Wow, I'm loving this whole Tanging Yaman thing. Iboto talaga eh noh? Bukas sa primetime bida, iboto niyo ang Tanging Yaman (this new soap about a fictitious first family starring Erich Gonzales). and Juday's new soap also looks promising. That girl has gone a long, long way.

Anyway, good night guys!

2000 and thin!

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