Sunday, January 24, 2010

DAY 15: Touchdown at 10

Wow, I finally did it! I lost ten pounds in two weeks with a half pound to spare since I was 210.5 in the morning and I started the blog at 221. Wow, can you believe that? All those hardships... oh wait, spoke to soon. Sorry, I hadn't checked my evening weight pa pala and I just had to leave the computer to weigh myself.

Oh man, I shouldn't have eaten that much of mom's pasta for dinner. But you know what, it's her first time to cook a pasta dish because she was feeling random, and I just love randomness, so I had to show support. I'm 212.5 right now.

Anyway, I had a plate full of mom's pasta and it was actually really good. She tried to replicate what we normally eat in Pastelleria and I think it was a very laudable effort.

*Okay mom, what kind of pose is this? You see where I get my weirdness? That's her chopping the sun-dried tomatoes.

*Lemme just say it again... I lost ten pounds in two weeks! Woohoo! I feel so fulfilled. I have a long way to go 'til 150... but it's nice to know that I'm making progress somehow. The feeling will probably be doubly special when I move to the 100s league!

*because I slept at like 6am so naturally I woke up at around 12 noon. Man, I missed Sunday lunch... again! I miss you cousins!

-5 pcs. porkchop strips
-Half a cup of white rice

*because Nanay Julie didn't know how to make saing the brown rice. It turned out really soggy and gross.

-2 glasses of water
-1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

*Originally, Jocelyn gave me that much porkchop to the right of my fat hand to eat, and a whole cup of rice in which, normally, I'd ask for a second or third cup. But this time, I measured everything I was going to inhale. Scooped up half a cup of rice into my plate, and arranged fried porkchop strips on the palm of my hand ('coz that's supposed to be the amount of ulam a person on a diet should have). After which, I called Jocelyn to take the rest away. Wow, I can't believe I just did that!

*After Mass, I headed to Rustans Express to buy tissue and butingtings for the house and the office. I got myself some My SoyMilk which is like the second best SoyMilk in the world next to Fruit Magic, tissue, and this new easy-make Carbonara that you just have to heat up. My pasta at sauce na 'yon sa loob. I'll probably have it on a random day just to check and see if it's any good. Oh, the Mac and Cheese Section. I love Mac and Cheese - especially the one at Kenny Rogers.

*I headed back home for dinner where Mom was feeling experimental and decided to cook pasta. We were watching Lea's concert in the kitchen - the one I saw months back. It was super good. She sang Defying Gravity from Wicked, a bunch of rock songs, pinoy anthems, pop contemporaries, and Broadway songs. But the best part had to be her segment with Ai-Ai de las Alas who came out in an Annie costume and started poking fun at all the "rich people" who frequented Lea's shows and how conio she was. Haha! I love Ai-ai! She's so natural and funny. Anyway, here's the outcome of mom's labor --- pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, anchovy, chili and olive oil. Super good. I can still smell it on my shirt actually as I type. You know I'd eat my shirt if I wasn't on a diet.

- a plate of Mom's pasta
- a glass of water
- My SoyMILK

-30 Minutes Treadmill (20 minutes Brisk Walking + 10 Minutes Running)
*super photofinish because I was running late for Mass. Yes, I couldn't drag my ass out of bed the whole day until it was 530pm and I had to go to mass at 6 so obviously I was late, and obviously I couldn't run longer than 30 minutes. Sayang, maybe I would've been 211.5 at the end of today.

210.5 pounds
*I actually hit 210 after the treadmill. Sweet!

212.5 pounds

-2000 and Thin


  1. Almost 10lbs already? It is amazing, how much food we eat pala! Grrrr, me and my over-indulgence. Haha

  2. it's so hard to turn away but it's possible. yep, ten pounds in the morning, almost ten pounds at night! i can't believe it. now in the words of JAYZ, on to the next one. let's go twenty!