Sunday, January 24, 2010


Watching True Blood Season 2 all over again. Can I just say that I love the opening theme song! Cue music: "When you came in... the air went out." It's so campy and Southern and borderline trashy, how can you not fall in love with True Blood? Can't wait for the new season which should come in June i think of this year. And of course, the CW triumvirate: Gossip Girl, 90210 and Melrose Place in March.

Anyway, today was jam-packed with a lot of hellos and goodbyes but not before I wasted away in my room 'til I jogged on the treadmill in the afternoon. It was goodbye to Divine's 17 years of being a baby as she is now a bona fide lady, of legal age to drink, who is ready to take the world by storm. Divine was one of my anak-anakans when I was in college theater org Blue Rep and she was always the innocent and reliable breath of fresh air in a sea of vacillating sin. Haha. Sin talaga eh noh? Nah, we were just wild and crazy kids who enjoyed and lived life to the fullest. Viva La Vie Boheme! I gave Divine two gifts since I was part of the 18 Gifts. The first was Huggies Diapers 'coz she was our baby in Blue Rep. And the next, SM Gift Certificates because... well, We've Got it All for You and she's now a lady! So she should shop for a gown or something!

*That's Divine in the middle, surrounded by generations of Blue Rep old and new. Wow, I can't believe the Hope For the Flowers batch is about to graduate. I came in Blue Rep when I was in third year so we were a relatively mixed batch. All my scholastic batchmates and the seniors above us, and the sophomores below already graduated... so the last ones left were the freshmen who are now seniors about to hit the real world. My advice to them? Detach and be stoic so you won't get so hurt :) And yes, this actually made a bunch of my friends think when I shared with them this very thought. Am i extremely happy? No. Am I extremely sad? No. I'm just right, and right has never sounded so sexy at this point in my life.

So let's all live a stoic, detached, and steady life!


- 1 cup of white rice
- Sinigang na Ribs

*There's nothing like sinigang and rice in bed. Of course, I had just woken up so I was still a bit discombobulated so the soup was spilling all over the comforter. Pero ang sarap lang ng sinigang. And it's not that fattening pa... i think... I woke up late coz I slept late so I guess I'll be waking up late today. It's 4:40am after all and I'm still typing this blog entry.

Dinner: Illustrado Restaurant in Intramuros Manila
- 2 pcs. California Maki
- 1 slice of eggplant Parmesan
- 1 slice of roast beef w/ gravy
- 1 fried lumpiang shanghai with sotanghon in the middle
- 1 glass of white wine
- White Chocolate Fondue which consisted of one marshmallow, one donut half, and one pineapple dipped in white chocolate.

*This is all I ate for my main course. Not bad noh? I sped through the paella and the lechon and just got a little bit of everything. Had a glass of white wine too while chatting with Marc, a colleague of mine from Blue Rep who was actually my alternate in my first production, Hope for the Flowers.

*Haha. this is my profile picture for the souvenir program of Hope For the Flowers, taken by the lovely Didang. I must have been 170 or 180 pounds here. And since we had to wear black, I just flipped my Sweeney Todd shirt and put the print on the inside.

*Look at the crazy ass fondue that was going on by the dessert table. I mean the condiments were typical but the standout really were the donut halves which just sat real nice on the palette.

*This was my just desserts. The champola stick was kind of shitty so I didn't bother wasting any calories on that. Okay Sookie and Bill are having sex right now in True Blood. Why must he always bite her when they're doing it? And then he'll end up kissing her so it's like she's drinking her own blood. Weird.

*Parting shot before I left for Gege's house for Julianne's welcome back and despedida party. She's leaving on Wednesday already. Gahd! I haven't seen Julianne Concepcion in ages.

*That's Julianne in the middle, still living the rockstar life. Man, it was so surreal seeing her again. I haven't seen her since 2005 I think, since before she left for Australia. But it's nice to know that some things never change. She's still the laidback, easygoing gal I knew from High School who was walking around barefoot with her rockstar hair which she hasn't combed in awhile. Oh man Julianne, you should come here more often. That's Tanya on the right who's like Madame President of our group, but like a good, honest, and awesome Madame President unlike other Madame Presidents we know.


*The kooky gang at Gege's house.

*The traditional AC Girls photo :) Congrats to Vicky on the far left for her super cool heart displays in all Fully Booked Stores in the Metro. Lemme reiterate what I said in a previous blog, watch out world!

*At around 1am, I headed to Encore for Charlie's farewell. I won't see her until December. That's a long time. It was Encore so I couldn't really take out my phone and take pictures. But there were a lot of cameras that went a-clicking so I'm sure the night was properly documented. It was nice being around friends, most of them for the first time in a place like Encore. Hello Gabs? Haha. i love it! There's certainly a first for everything. And of course, I was hanging and being all bitchy with my bourg friend Jaime. Haha. The night ended at a high, with Charlie bringing all of us home.

*The trip back was both fun and nostalgic. I really just rested my cheek on Charlie's palm just to make the most out of the remaining minutes that I'd see her. Good luck Charlie! I hope you find yourself in Spain. Ole!

40 minutes treadmill - 30 minutes brisk walking, 10 minutes running

1 glass of red wine from Illustrado
2 glasses of champagne from Encore

213 pounds

210.5 pounds
*Holy shit! 210? Are you kidding me? After all that I ate at Divine's debut? I think it really helped that I treadmilled for forty minutes. It got me so tired, I wanted to nap but just didn't have the time. Yey, hopefully I'll be the same weight tomorrow, if not lighter! 

2000 and Thin!

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