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*This is me at195 pounds. With a mustache and goatee outside Gap in New York, 2008. 200 is phase one. A long way to go to 150.

Today would have been one of the more difficult days in my journey to 2000 and Thin.

Today marked the start of the Mega Denim Sale, a little project that we've been cooking up since before the Christmas Break. God knows how many revisions, coordination, stress, blood, sweat, and tears we had to go through just to put everything together. So finally, after three months of planning... ta-dah!

It runs 'til this Sunday at the Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall.

Why do I say it would've been hard and what does it have to do with the Sale?

Because for the first time since I started this blog and 2000 and Thin, I went to a mall - an actual mall with restaurants and all. Damn, malls are full of temptation. There's shopping. Yeah. yeah. But more so, there's something to eat at every corner. Restaurants runneth over. I think I had to fight temptation with every fiber of my being. may ganon?

There's a but...

"Fighting with every fiber of my being" would have been my theatrical, announce to the world, line when I used to indugle in those premature weightloss goals in 2009. I mean I try to - fight temptation with every fiber of my being - but then I give in. I mean... how could you resist good food right?

Now I actually walk the walk, rather than talk the talk.

I wasn't tempted by what everyone else was eating. I wasn't tempted to taste even just teensy bit of Pat's Sans Rival Ice Cream that she got after our lunch at Amici. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Amici has SANS RIVAL ICE CREAM. And according to Pat, sobrang sarap. And to think she doesn't even eat ice cream... 

Another super yummy ice cream I heard and witnessed people eating through the grapevine is the Atis Ice Cream that mom bought from Tsukiji. According to her, it's to die for. Dad had more than what he was allowed to eat.

Unfortunately, she bought it last Sunday and that happened to be the day I launched this 2000 and Thin blog. So... I never got to try it. I served it at Pineds' thing last Monday and let's just say... sina Kyla went gaga. It really was atis made into ice cream, similar to the sans rival ice cream, fucking delicious...

Again, I say these things not to make you crave. But it's more of saying them without regret. I don't feel like nalugi ako or anything by not eating.

Because at the end of the day, my dream is so clear in my head. And it hasn't been this crystal since I decided to lose weight back in second year high school.

- 1 Cup of Rice
- Korean Beef

Lunch (at Amicis in SM Megamall Atrium):
 - Squash Soup
- Bottled Water

* The soup was filling, with bacon bits and all. I gave my bread to Amador so I wouldn't have to eat it. P.s. Megamall Atrium is really nice. It kind of reminded me of Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong. And for all streetwear fans, they actually have SUPRA! SUUUUPPPPRRRAAAA!!!! woah. That I didn't expect in Megamall. Good job!

We headed to the Mega Denim Sale after to check out the booths. Saw this huge ass mirror and us being MCG just had to show our inner fierceness. Tyra? The hell! Shut up.

* After Megamall and the most stressful work day ever (seriously it never ends), we headed back to the office with Tonio where I did some last minute work. I joined my friends Sam, Ghed, and Derrick in this really understated place by Tatang's (our favorite lunch hangout). It was breezy! The music was great! But I only stayed for a bit because I headed to Commune to pick up Christel for our dinner-movie singles night!

Dinner (at Cibo in Rockwell)

- Spinach Dip from Cibo
- A Bite of Christel's pita with salami
- 1 Glass of Lemonade

*That's Christel aka Bourg. My constant buddy, neighbor, one of my best friends, and one of the last bona fide members of the SCOOOORREEE group 'coz the other two got taken. haha! Score! She's with me on this 2000 and Thin resolution too... although she's coming from a place of being thin and progressing to being fit. I'm coming from a place of obesity. Nevertheless, we agreed to have a healthy dinner before watching Sherlock Holmes.

*Yey, look what my friend Vicky Velasco made for Fully Booked in Rockwell. Christel tells me that she also made this display for the other Fully Booked-s. Wow Vix! I think you've outdone yourself this time. She also did a spectacular job doing origami set design for a fashion shoot for Metro Society. I'm so proud of you Vicky! Watch out for that girl - she's gonna take the Manila Art and Production Scene by storm.

*Sherlock Holmes was nice - aside from the fact that I kept dozing off. Hayyy... not advisable to watch a movie at night after a really hectic day at work. Hopeless. But from the parts I stayed up for, the movie seemed really interesting. More importantly, no nachos and popcorn, and even drink! Oh yeah! I did it! I actually did it. Oh wait, maybe that's why I fell asleep...

*Oh Gram's Diner. Gastronomic Mecca.

*Lisa and Dax happened to be watching the same movie too. We ended up heading to Gram's after the movie where they shared in a bucket of beer as Christel and I stared on. Well, not naman stare and indulge in a pity party. Turns out, Lisa, Christel, and I, along with Erika Tapalla and Xandor Coiyuto (who got married recently by the way. Congrats!) were all batchmates in ICBB. How Small is Manila!

*This is what I USUALLY order... THE PHILLY CHEESESTEAK... but I didn't

216.5 pounds

216 pounds
*I lost .5 pounds after having spinach dip with the crunchies, and a lemonade? Wow, this three meals a day really works. Eat like a king, medium launch, and dinner like a pauper!

2000 and Thin!

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