Sunday, January 17, 2010

DAY 7: No Day but Today!

I see now the domino effect of that actions that you take. I slept late, woke up late, missed work, became sluggish in bed, missed breakfast, missed lunch, had my first meal at night... and got so hungry that I made it bawi through all sorts of things... Ayayay!


(nothing) ... still in bed


(nothing) ... still in bed... wasting away...


1 Scoop of Corned Beef Rice
1 Chicken (White Meat w/o Skin)
2 1/2  apples
1 Tortillos chip (fuck, I couldn't resist. So every succeeding bunot from the bag, I was throwing it away...)

I hosted a bonding-immersion-film viewing today for RENT THE MUSICAL cast. The last thing I hosted here in the house was Pineds' despedida last Monday. Here are some delayed pictures taken from Bea's camera.

*Life is a bowl of cherries... but I guess not.

Back to tonight, while it was indeed good company, it was torture. Everyone was heartily eating my corned beef rice, our house specialty, and all I ate was this...

*1 pc. Andok's Chicken. All white meat. No skin. and a scoop of corned beef rice. Okay, this is making me hungry. damn. i should just go to sleep now...

*There were about two vegetarians in the cast, Jenny and OJ. So Carla Guev decided to whip up a lil' something for her loveteam on stage. She plays Maureen while Jenny plays Joanne.

*Nice the presentation noh? Actually, Carla tells me that she was the one who taught Godfrey how to cook. Or maybe I got that wrong? I dunno. But anyway, Godfrey is the chef of Establishment and he's been inviting to head to their restaurant but I was in New York when they had that ridiculous discount special...

* all the while, this is what I ate after that pathetic plate of food... an apple. i actually ended up having 2 1/2 apples since I was really getting sooooo hungry and I couldn't bring myself to get more of the corned beef rice which was just staring at me. EAT ME. EAT ME. I could hear it calling... temptation was calling but I had to resist... now I can honestly say with every fiber of my being... I was resisting. And I resisted. i took it out angrily on the apples.

*Finally Gian, Nicole and the rest came. And the demand for the corned beef rice outweighed the supply. Gian Magdangal plays Roger in RENT and Nicole Asencio plays Mimi opposite Cara Barredo.

Gian Magdangal as Roger

Nicole Asencio as Mimi

*I'm selling tickets to the FEB. 20 SATURDAY 8pm show. Text me at 09178908633 if you wanna get tickets.

*So when the others came, I ended up whipping another batch of corned beef rice. I was actually cooking, and sweating a bit actually. Didn't realize all that effort that Jocelyn had to put it when she'd cook corned beef rice for me in the past.

* It took about 20 minutes to prepare. You had to make the corned beef rice crunchy enough before you mix it with the rice. Maybe I should consider cooking nalang para I'm exposed to food but I don't have to eat it... Well, that's what my cousin Ajja does. She's an excellent cook and she deflects calorie intake by getting full from just cooking.


*That's RENT director Robbie Guevara chowing on chocolate mousse from Red Ribbon c/o Carla Guev.

*Our PR guy Jonjon Martin, Tita Toots Tolentino's sidekick.

*That's Gary on the left. And then Jobe who plays Angel. And to his left, and our right, is Cara Barredo who plays Nicole's alternate. And lastly, Fred who plays Mark. They're all eating Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse after corned beef rice. Arghhh.

*In the end, Santi made the cast watch some video clips of RENT's last show on Broadway to inspire them in their journey to the month of Feb, when RENT officially opens in Manila. I think a lot of people got emotional, considering the wealth of history and passion that went into making this play into the phenomenon that it has become. Thank you Jonathan Larson! No Day but Today!

213.5 pounds
*wow, exag right? I started with 221 or 222.5 was it? Exag!

215 pounds



  1. hey thanks travelbug :) doing my best to finally to commit to something after a very long time. this is one of those things :) thanks for reading!

  2. I love your corned beef rice! But yes, it seems we must stay away from it! It's red by the way!

    I've been staying away from carbs myself. Yesterday i replaced two meals with protein shakes and had salad asn soup for my real meal. Then my mom decides to have a family dinner coz sam and Kev just closed Noah, and she picked 7 Corners. Buffet man! ARAY!

  3. hey redster! corned beef rice is evil for now... at least til i hit 150. read your post on fb. totally supporting you. it helps to put yourself out there so all eyes are watching. it's okay to have a cheat day once a week so consider last night your cheat day :)