Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Somebody save me already! I'm literally dying at work - moving left to right, back and forth, up and down, trying to make ends meet. Deadlines persist and I seriously need to consult my doctor. Yuck parang ang corny nun ah... but so true.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I'm still not getting better after two weeks of having colds. I still have the sniffles, though not as bad as before, and I feel like there's a cough here that's just waiting to happen. I've been coughing during random times of the day. Must drink cough syrup or tablets to prevent this from happening - drinking before diagnosis is of course a manifestation of my being a hypochondriac.... but with basis. This isn't one of those times na I left work, went to Makati Med Emergency Room to have myself checked if I had Swine Flu 'coz yes, I was that paranoid. I even told the nurse... I think I have swine flu. Haha. Ounce of prevention, they say, is better than cure...

Hmm... maybe also 'coz my resistance is low because of 2000 and Thin... not good.

Anyway, today was a super hectic day as always - meetings, meetings, and more meetings. I had some deals to seal, emergencies to fix, presentations to listen to, and had to digest a lot of marketing 101s. It's hard when you're not super studied in your field but that's essentially what you call school of hard Knox. There's no better teacher than experience after all...

4 WAYS OF LEARNING (according to Micho, circa 2008, when she came back briefly from Europe...)
  1. Carrying Conversations
  2. Reading Books
  3. Traveling
  4. Experience
That's so true. See, there are some things you never forget. Like the Enligh for paglilihi - it's actually... Infanticipation.

Before I get into the details of what I ate today... I just want to ruminate on a certain thought. Handshakes. I was never really good at it. You never really know what kind of handshake guys go for, or what they're gonna give. Is it the slanted brother handshake? Is there a follow through after that when you pivot your hand from slant to straight position, or do you end it with the slant? How about when you give the backside of your palm coz your hands are full? Or you punch it out? And don't even get me started with that slant, then straight, then fingers hook mumbo jumbo.

See, these things I never really got the hang off, so sometimes, it seems awkward when I greet others. It's easy with girls coz you just make them beso, and I'm the beso type of guy. But I'm already awkward to begin with... a handshake is supposed to break the ice but I'm always urong sulong and tentative when it comes to handshakes. Wala lang... random thought.

Just came from David's thing in Ponti and I had to make several handshakes with people. I mean I've known them for years, they're my good friends and all... but I dunno... sometimes, I find myself dreading the handshake for fear na I don't do it right. Haayyy...


-1 pc. spicy chicken from Jollibee
-3/4 cup of brown rice from my house

*Sorry I just wasn't feeling the mechado that they made me baon... again! Ang dami daming pwedeng gawin dito sa bahay... yun at yun nalang pinapakain sa akin. And it's not necessarily the healthiest option.
Okay, I know this is two pieces... but here's what I left behind to give to one of the secretaries...

 *Not bad right? Can't believe I gave away Jollibee chicken... Oh and can I just add? I love brown rice now. I prefer it over white rice... I ended up giving my white rice to Gigi, along with the 1pc. spicy chicken.

- Half a plastic cup of Amber's Spaghetti

*That's Ed! Oh man, I can't believe I just had a half a cup of spaghetti. I know... I'm weird,,, but it's become tradition through my more than a year stay in the company, that every time someone celebrates their birthday, they buy a bilao of Amber's spaghetti - in which case I eat mine in a plastic cup. Wala lang. Anyway, Happy Birthday RSY!

- 1 glass of Lemonade
- 1/4 glass of Iced Tea from Gram's Diner

*After my meeting, I headed super late to David and Alfie's joint birthday thing at Ponti's. David and Alfie have been my buddies since High School. I wasn't about to miss their thing. Though apparently... there's another one this Friday. And Alfie had already left when I got there. Sorry Alf! Duty called.


*Somebody channeling some Sadako vibes...

*Samboy's a DJ na rin pala? Wow didn't know... Well honeslty that was one less awkward handshake I had to dread since his hands were full spinning, but eventually I did... and I think it was okay. I think. Well for that night, it was really just Ed's. And this other dude. Haha! So Ed if you're reading this... yep... I get awkward with handshakes. Mikko? Parang okay naman. Julo's was fine. Although I get panicky when he tries to do that whole finger hook thing. Marco's was fine too... David I think is sanay na with my awkwardness.

*That's Julo on the left. Then Belli, who looks like a ferociously hot cat in this picture, then David, one of two birthday celebrants.

*The same group with Marco in the middle.

*Mikko! By the way I saw your brother in Rockwell the other day...

* I'm seriously dozing off... lapit na...

*Ed tries his hand at the DJ booth.

*That's right, but I have work tomorrow. Duty calls. After awhile, I left na rin. Tomorrow is a new day.

25 Minutes of Treadmill (15 Minutes Brisk walking, 10 minutes running)
*pathetic compared to last night

209.5 pounds

210 pounds
*I actually hit 208.5 after my treadmill. I should've done it longer... shoot!

- 2000 and Thin