Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today, I followed Rev's advice. I ate breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper. Unfortunately, I skipped a meal which isn't really encouraged by dietitians and health nutriotionists everywhere. But I got through the entire day at the very least, without craving junk food, Mc Donalds, and all the stuff I usually crave in between meals. Oh large fries... Wow, I actually just wrote that without feeling any form of sadness.

It's getting easier as the days go by to turn my back on all the food that once saturated my happy fill. 2000 and THIN is clearer than ever in my head.

2010-spiration says that you should "Dream More When You're Awake!" Well, I'm awake and I dream that down this line, I will drop down to 150 pounds.

I'm still a bit irked that I can't exercise because of my stupid cold and how I've been a walking ebola virus since Monday. But oh well... what's a guy to do when biology takes its course.


*Note: Here's what Jocelyn (my beloved yaya) prepared for me today:

  • 2 Pcs. Hotdog
  • 1 Cup of Sinangag Rice
  • 6 Pcs. Vigan Longganisa

*Breakfast was actually pretty good today. It feels nice to eat like a king. Maybe it also helped that I had a gazillion things to do at work today, and also, to be cramming my column for STAR. I do hope it gets published this week - if not, there's always next.

* So here's a picture of my crazy workmates who were ordering Mc Donalds in this picture for merienda. The one in the left is Pat, the one in the middle is Ams, and on the right is Ninoy. His real name is obviously Benigno. They all got their burgers and fries and I got nada, zippo, zilch, nothing... and I wasn't jealous at all.

*Finally, for dinner I had KNORR Chicken Macaroni soup and a glass of water after which I took my medicine. Man, I hope I get better tomorrow. I hate being sick. But on a positive note, American Idol is back. It's still not the same without Paula Abdul. I still think you're better in A.I. than in Drop Dead Diva.

219 lbs

221 lbs

*Now I think I'm back above 221 because I weight right after I ate. But trust that it'll go down tomorrow. Hey, I think I was a good boy today. 

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