Monday, January 25, 2010

Witness Protection and Pretty Young Thing (Status Magazine)

Thanks Nante for the scans! Anyway, here are the two articles I wrote for the Photo Issue of Status Magazine which came out last December. Flashback, me reading this in the middle of Encore with the lights swerving and the music playing so loud, and Erika gyrating. Haha! I love you Er! Harvey was like... kamusta naman ang pagbabasa natin ng magazine natin in the middle of the club? Haha! I was like, haha. leave me alone! I was zoning out of everything else and was so focused on the issue that the Team worked so hard on. Congrats guys! My copy is thoroughly damaged already from reading it over and over again.

One is on shutterbug Tim McGurr aka 13th Witness who I interviewed in Union Square when I was in New York last October. He's done some amazing stuff for Nike and has a really cool photo blog. He also started doing motion videos which I thought were really cool. Thought we weren't gonna get along at first coz I have a hard time relating with Brooklyn Kids and that whole urban hiphop scene but you know what? Cigs really bring people together. Plus I like picking the minds of artists. I especially liked my interview before with Kiko Escora and Ron English. I felt like I learned so much from them and that my horizons were broadened.

The other is on Anouck Bertin who works at Urban Outfitters by day, and shoots photos for Nylon Magazine and The New York Times at night. Here photos are amazing! Soft, playful, naughty, sugar and spice, and everything nice! And she emailed me a Holiday greeting too. What a sweet girl. Anyway, here they are:

(just click on the images for a bigger view)

*Sayang, neither of my articles made the cover. That should be my goal for 2010 - write a cover story at least once for Status Magazine. Anyway, on a more personal note, I'm really grateful to Rosario and Vicky for believing in me and my writing skills. They've all been so supportive and reassuring. I was never really high on self-confidence and self-esteem. I had the middle child syndrome and I was never really complimented as a kid. I had good-looking siblings, well-studied, older and wiser, and I was always the indio. haha. But you know what, c'est la vie... that's life. Love what you're given. And just be proud to be yourself and who you are. That's the only way you'll ever make your mark, the only way you'll ever make a difference - if you're not insecure. I'm trying to be less insecure nowadays. Just keep it real and don't force the issue. If the shoe doesn't fit, just get a new one. That's all there is to it.

*This is Tim McGurr aka 13th Witness. He's super understated in person.

*Some of the beautiful photos he took.

*The article

Now on to the next one: Anouck Bertin in Pretty Young Thing

*Would you believe her inspirations are Donnie Darko, Virgin Suicides and Doom Generation?

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