Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today was not so successful. I started out by waking up late and running late for work as usual

(a habit I have yet to change in lieu of 2010)

Therefore, I wasn't able to do any jogging or treadmill in the morning. For lunch, I went with my workmates and my boss Ms. Marie to S&R in which I had a salad with vinaigrette and a bottle of water.

Wow Lord, you sure know great timing. S&R happened to be debuting their new offering for the season: baby back ribs with rice at P300 a slab. Great. just Great! All these months of dedication to your food and only now do you release such gastronomic confection. Fuck it!

Surprisingly enough, I was able to control myself and not get hungry from the filling salad meal.

*Note: the S&R salad is replete with bacon, croutons, and grilled chicken so it's not necessarily the healthiest option. But next to the calzone, and my favorite beef baked roll, and that fucking baby back ribs... it's the next best thing.

(*This is me at 160 or 170lbs I think. Taken at Enchanted Kingdom 3 years ago)

My friend from work Michelle offered me a half bottle of soy milk, a reprise from yesterday's intake. That saturated my afternoon fill.

But goddamn, 2000 Thin thrown out the window for the harder than hard to resist Mexican Dinner. I hosted a despedida for my friend Pineds who is leaving for the States next Monday. It was nice to be surrounded by friends who you don't see very often and yet are every bit the family that they are, and have been all these years. Catching up and nostalgia aside,

I couldn't resist.
  • 7 Serving Spoonfuls of Baked Overloaded Nachos
  • 7 pcs. Nachos w/ Salsa
  • 1 Scoop of Green Rice w/ Onions
  • 5 pcs. chicken nuggets
and to cleanse my aching throat (for some reason, I woke up today with a slight case of tonsilitis, and my body started to ache halfway through work. It was as though I was coming down with something - thank God for tylenol and claricid. My friends Stacy and Cristina are sick as of the moment. So is my workmate Rina so I think there's a flu going around.

There you go ladies and gentlemen - a moment of weakness. Thank God Rev texted me in the middle of my binge eating. He had been sticking to our plan, and ate yogurt today. Crap. And I ate everything but.

Tomorrow should be a better day. I must wake up at 7am, by hook or by crook (yes, It's 4am now - a consequence of the funnest game of Marvel Monopoly I had in ages, and downloading comic books into Gabs'  iPOD while I chatted with Bea and Red, and of course, to update my blog).

Even during moments of weakness, To thine own self be true! So you had a misstep, and your salad didn't pay off, and you didn't have any workout for the day. Do better tomorrow.

On to 2000 and THIN :)


Breakfast - none

Lunch - S&R Salad w/ 1 Bottle of Water

Merienda - Half a Bottle of Soy Milk
                - 2 pcs. Mentos

Dinner - A shitload of Mexican junk (consisting of Overloaded Nachos, Green Rice, and Nuggets)

PREVIOUS WEIGHT:      221 lbs.

MORNING WEIGH-IN:   217 lbs. 
(I lost 4 pounds overnight?!?!?!)

BEFORE I SLEEP:           223.5 lbs 
(great, just great...)   

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