Sunday, January 10, 2010


My biggest New Year's Resolution is to lose weight...

I was thin once upon a time...

but just like the photo that I uploaded, that image of me being thin seems to be a distant blur nowadays...

i am now this...

(click on the picture to see me... coz all you see are my sister Carissa, her daughter Isabella, my mom, and my brother Ipe)

that's me on the far right... wearing the black marvel shirt... i'm actually a bit thinner in this picture than  compared to real life. yes, i am that fat.

BMI says I'm obese. And I am. obese. but in denial, and like my usual self, trying to get away with everything. laughing my way out of uncomfortable observations from the people I love, or worse, people who don't even know me so well.

mom is actually seriously considering, sending me to a dietitian. - - - as if i haven't had it bad already.

she gave me a month to lose 20 pounds until she sends me to a dietitian.

there are some things that i can do on my own that i don't need mom's help on. living in manila, i'm pretty sheltered already. i want to make it on my own - maybe this weight loss thing is something i can do without her help.

this should be one of those things because yes, once upon a time, i took it upon myself to lose weight.

one summer between second and third year high school, i dropped down from 220 lbs. to 130 lbs. everyone thought i did drugs actually. what i actually did was fast for three months, elminate rice, and after my one meal a day, i played tennis for two hours.

i did that for three months straight so everyone didn't recognize me at all. and it helped that i didn't really have a social life. i kept to myself a lot.

there are somethings that i can do on my own without mom's help. weight loss should be one of them.

so i now dub thee... chasing toff blog... as my weight loss chronicles.

plus i joined a BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST at work. i must win. i'm competitive that way! i have to win! TWO THOUSAND AND TEN should be TWO THOUSAND AND THIN

plus I work in the fashion business. so it's only right that i shaped up so i can wear better stuff. i'm always wearing the same thing at work only because they're the hand few clothes that actually fit.

SAD is a 3 letter word.

so on to 2000 and thin! 

221 pounds

150 pounds

DATE: January 10, 2010
TIME: 3:37pm

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