Monday, January 18, 2010


Just for today... I will change it up a bit. Put my weight first before the entry to set the precedent. Only 'coz my accomplishment for an entire week of non 2009 Toff eating served as an impetus to kind of like throw 2000 and Thin out the window... at least for a day... especially since my cousin Pish is leaving for London. So many people leaving. Pish... Charlie... Ida... Micho... Well, there is a bigger world out there waiting to be discovered. So go and discover my furry friends... I will go lose all my crappy weight first here in Manila. haha. 2000 and Thin!

213 pounds

216 pounds
*ya, I actually ate right the whole day...  but succumbed at night. Well, it was a planned sort of succumbing...


- 2 pcs. hotdog
- 2 pcs. spam
- 1 cup of sinangag rice
*Normal. Very normal. This is eating breakfast like a king which is totally acceptable.

*At about 12nn, I hurriedly left for Corinthians for a lunch that Ate Rica hosted in her home. Since all the Vera Perez sisters are in Pangasinan since mom is in fact, running for congress and dad is retiring at age 73, us younger ones, the Perezes, and the balik-stateside Macedas had an intimate Sunday lunch of our own.

*In fair, my face here looks longer and my jawline is kinda coming out. operative word: kinda. That's Pish on the left, Manay Aj in the middle, and Manoy Jodes on the right. I love them to death. Missing in action: Jo and my sister KC. You are sorely missed. And Jo... she is sore from all her sunburn. Congrats on being the manager of the Ateneo Football Team. Woot Woot

* What everyone ate. Lasagna and steak.

- Salad w/ Teriyaki sauce
- 2 grapes
- Melted Gruyere cheese (which is to die for. I later on got a reprise)

*Afterwards, we headed to Metrowalk to buy BOSS BOSS DBD DBD EX EX EX... haha! Well, obviously not porn. normal person DBDs. And then we accompanied Pish to the nearest Starbucks to complete the last 2 stickers for her Starbucks planner. Congrats Manay Pish! The planner looks so shiny and new... I wanna spit on it. haha! Look at all the yummy Starbucks confections. Thankfully I didn't have anything because even coffee is fattening.

*Congrats Manay Pish. May ipagmamalaki ka na sa London.

*This girl is in the Starbucks column. Sikat na kaya toh? I wanna interview her for my column. Do people actually recognize her na kaya? She is nowadays, a regular fixture in a Starbucks aficionado's life... P.s. look at my folding fingers... I've counted twenty folds. How many folds did you count?

*Afterwards, I met up with one of my best friends, Micho aka Jologs, and together, we got a foot massage in Foot Zone in Annapolis. It's the best foot massage place ever. I last went here with Macky. The best time to go is at 4pm because there's a TV in your private room and you can watch THE BUZZ! Haha. That's like my Sunday therapy with Mom and Manoy Ipe... when they were both still here... since nowadays, Manoy Ipe is living his dream in the concrete jungles of New York City, and Mom's busy with the campaign. Wow, i haven't even gone to Foot Zone with mom in ages...

*Cue music, lonely... I'm mr. lonely. haha. yuck, shut up.

Afterwards, Cho and I headed to Serendra to have dinner in Chelsea. Look at the unlimited bread and toasted garlic. exag! It was right behind us. To my left was like a whole cabinet of bread... and we were by the cooking area so all these waiters with mountains upon valleys of food were passing by.

*Naughties sighted. My favorite Del Rosario family! That's Tita Dolly and her husband and her two sons. The one on the pinaka-right is my ka-barkada David who was also my classmate all throughout high school. Trivia: He was the one who took my 2000 and Thin picture at the top of this page... back when our entire gang was in Bora back in 2004. Wow, tagal na nun ha...

 *Totoys alert, that's Marco, David and me getting our picture taken with Bianca Araneta. Shet ang payat ko. The hell happened. Weight happened.

*Anyway, back to the present... Here's our merry eclectic group... The girls drinking red wine... the guys drinking beer... and me drinking... wait for it... water! woot woot! Siyempre sabay promote ng blog.

*When sina Blaise left, Cho, Leah and I shared in a... hmmm..., what's it called? Wala kasi nito sa bundok ko.

*Oh yes... Manchego, Brie de Meaux & Gorgonzola Cheese, along with Otto's Famous Truffled Honey, Apricot Chili Chutney, Marinated Black Cherries, and Grissing & Arugula Salad. Because I needed a reprise of the yumminess I had for lunch, I had a side order of gruyere. Super yummy! I probably had 2 melba toasts to go with all the cheese I nibbled on.

*More naughties: Micho and Leah having Sonja's cupcakes. We were supposed to have the oatmeal cookies that Leah swears on... is ultra delicious. But they didn't have it for that night. Shet sayang. BTW, I love Sonja's... I bought a box of 10 for my cousins... and later that night, I ended up eating... dun dun dun...

- a Red Velvet Cupcake. By the way, if you eat in Mamou on your birthday, they give you like a giant version of the red velvet cupcake. Patayan na beybey

*This is me: about to eat my Red Velvet Cupcake. Sarap. Shortly after, we headed to Chili's where Sean and Jo who missed out on Sunday Lunch because she was busy... *ahem ahem, managing the Ateneo Football Team... joined us for a Babuyan for Babuyan's Sake dinner...

*This is us sharing in one margarita. Well I only took one sip and left the rest to the girls. Manay Aj needed it to divert the pain away from her root canal thing. Crap, I don't think I can ever go through that.

*Of course we shared in Bottomless Nachos. The cheese is to die for. It has beef bits inside. I cried. Jo ordered Buffalo Wings in which I had one piece. Pish ordered the chicken crispers (god i hate that word... crisper). I ordered...

w/ Beef, Chicken and Shrimp. Haha! Inorder lahat ng sahog... exag!

I only had one fajita though which Manay Aj made for me. Then picked on the shrimp, mushrooms, beef, onions and chickens shortly after. It's make your own kasi and all that sahog was staring at me...

*We all finally rolled out of Chili's and plopped into the car, plopped into the sala to catch up and chat, and finally bade our farewells. Man, I love cousin bonding. I'm going to miss you Vachuch. See you in May where sisig and yellow cab will await... and hopefully... a 2000 and Thin Toff :)


- Slices of Manchego, Blue Cheese, and Gruyere
- Melba Toast

- 1 Red Velvet Cupcake

- 1 Mushroom Jack Fajita with everything
- 1 Buffalo Chicken Wing
- 25 pcs. nachos w/ beef and cheese dip
- 1 sip of Margarita

You gotta have a cheat day when you're on a diet.
Or else you die.

Exercising again this week... I think I'm about to get well.

2000 and Thin!

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