Monday, February 1, 2010


It's 11:49pm... I'm here at the RCBC Theater for the stage adjustment and soft run of RENT THE MUSICAL. Exciting stuff! We're opening already this Friday! I can't believe it - it's been a long time coming and now it's finally here! No day but today!

*the cause and effect of sleeping late

I only had a few spoonfuls though... Wasn't really in the mood to eat.

A few sips of Soymilk from Starbucks - which tasted gross by the way! It's really nothing like the soymilk at work, or FRUIT MAGIC SOYMILK WHICH I HAVEN'T HAD IN AGES! I'll tell Jocelyn to buy me a stock tomorrow...

* Wow talk about diet... Haha! I'm sure my poop today will be super soft... or maybe I won't even have any poop at all.

*Today, I was wonderfully surprised that my friend Chinie came over with her mom Bernie, Tita Bibi, and my aunts Bechay and Mama Tutu. They must've been meeting about mom's campaign or something. Mom left for Pangasinan right after... Oh family day indeed. 

Anyway, I had a good conversation with Chinie who I don't really see that often but she's one of those steady people who can always surf on my wavelength. She stayed after lunch as we watched the RENT cast perform on ASAP '09. Good job guys! 

She was asking me how I was... as most people do... and like what I tell most people... ummm... okay lang! I'm neither here nor there. I'm steady. But I dunno... for some reason, steady doesn't sit so well with me. I like drama... when I am both happiest and saddest at the same darned time.

Then, I was asking her about her goals in life, and what she wanted to happen for herself in the near future. She said she's changed course of late and is focusing on being a performer. You see, Chinie's one of the best choreographers in town but she's taking a sabbatical from all that to focus on doing what she feels she loves most. As in she's been choreographing shows for Araneta, Meralco... and she's basically on her way to join the leagues of Douglas Nierras and all those awesome stage choreographers.

I said... what about momentum? If you're on your way to the top, why change tracks? The opportunities are all there. Then something she said really got to me... well, it's 'coz she felt more alive when she was performing on stage that when she was choreographing.

In John Maxwell's "Talent is not Enough," he writes that to be successful, a person should have the convergence of these three things...
  • Talent
  • Opportunity
  • Desire
If one of the three is missing... then you'll never really get that far. Sure the talent is there, and the countless opportunities... but maybe the desire for her wasn't as potent as the desire to succeed as a performer. It made me think about where I am right now and where I want to be heading - which is a thought I don't want to indulge since I wanna go to sleep na. haha. bitin.

Today I ran around my village... for about thirty minutes... and it was so comforting. It gave me a sense of neighborhood which i never really had. The trouble with gated villages is that you stick to your own, and you miss out on the opportunity of neighbors and all the things that make us human.

*This however is not a human because it's a horse. It's Polo Season again :)

212 pounds
*fall out from my babuyan family dinner

207.5 pounds
*woah! Ya coz I hardly ate anything today and I treadmilled pa. Talk about fasting

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