Saturday, March 6, 2010

DAY 55: Steads Lang Bro

Yesterday wasn't so bad. Work was... usual. I was coming up with all sorts of battle plans on how I was going to move forward and progress through my second year in SM. I'll be thinking about it some more in the coming weeks. Bottomline, I came to learn, not to earn. So when it gets to the point that I'm no longer learning, it means I have to do something about it, or else I'll feel stuck. I'm definitely gonna be consulting with a lot of people I trust - only 'coz it helps to hear a second, third, fourth opinion when it comes to making important decisions in your life. I honestly wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have people to hear me out and give me their valuable two cents. Their opinions mean a lot.

I also played tennis yesterday - which I haven't done in a while. Was a bit distracted though so I couldn't really zone into the game. The trainer and I ended up winning against the other trainers in a game of doubles. I played against Magat who is at the top of the trainer hierarchy... and actually won... though I only lasted one set. I was too distracted. I couldn't focus. But wow, I'm getting pretty good at this. Still "faulting" a lot though but I'm glad to be getting back into shape and into the thick of my tennis game. I look forward to playing again on Monday - this time with my whole heart into it. Ika nga ni Troy Bolton, "Get your head in the game." ngek.

Was supposed to hang with some people last night but plans got super malabo and it didn't push through - at the expense of me telling another friend that I already had plans. Oh well. Mom also got home from Pangasinan last night and she was prodding me to stay with her because I hadn't seen her in ages. We hung out for a bit until I ultimately returned to my room to watch Nip Tuck. The last episode. I can't believe it. They're canceling the series that got me through High School - which may also be the reason why I'm so mentally unstable. Haha. I wasn't able to finish it though because... wait for it... I actually fell asleep at 1030. woah. At last today I feel well-rested before a crazy night of debauchery.


1/2 cup of red rice
3 strips of steak
3 pcs. cauliflower


*Ed, Marsha, Lindy, Abbey, and Carlos >> the afternoon group

1 hour of Tennis

197 pounds

196 pounds

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