Sunday, March 7, 2010

DAY 56: Siphoned

Currently typing at CPK in Promenade with the worst hangover.

I hosted a party last night in honor of 9 Works Theatrical's 1st year anniversary as a company. We had previously caught Mica Pineda's show in UP, They're Playing Our Song before everyone decided to head to Makati. A lot of the RENT peeps came, as well as old friends from theater and 9 Works' first production, Songs for a New World. The party started at around 11pm and was a reprise of the debauchery and wild and crazy fun that happened in the cast party last Sunday. As usual, I didn't have dinner and went straight to drinking. BAD MOVE. REALLY BAD MOVE.

*Photo c/o Teena. According to her, this was when I decided to get up, walk around, until I passed out again. I so do not remember this picture being taken.

Next thing you know, I woke up in my bed... and it was like 9 in the morning. Everyone had obviously left. According to Jocelyn, they left at around 6 to 630 and I dragged myself to my room at around 5. What the! I don't even remember doing that. Apparently I was sleep-walking. I must've been pretty wasted. Scratch that. I was super wasted. I was a goner. A total goner. Mag-drunken french exit ka nga sa sarili mong party. ha ha

*Photo c/o Teena. Gone.

Though it makes me wonder if this will be the last time I'll be seeing some of them if not most of them, at least not after a very long time. Everyone will be moving on with their lives, pursuing other careers and other endeavors, and I'll be busy working on the Wedding Singer coming in October of this year, and of course my life with SM. Brand new production. Brand new people. Brand new challenges. And brand new relationships and friendships to be formed. We are at the onset of birthing something that will hopefully bring smiles to the audiences who will catch the show, the same way RENT did, and that thought excites me. I love theater. I believe theater loves me too.

I'm hoping to divert and re-channel my emotions, my energy, and my passions to fulfilling goals and making something for myself, rather than wasting away worrying and thinking about useless nothings that will lead me to nowhere other than a prison of despair depression. I don't wanna be stuck anymore. Wow, that felt good. I don't wanna be stuck anymore. I don't wanna be stuck anymore. I don't wanna be stuck anymore. I don't wanna be stuck anymore. I don't wanna be stuck anymore. I don't wanna be stuck anymore.

It's time to move on with my life and bring it back to normal, to the way it was in 2009 when I was my hapiest. Time to reconnect with the other people in my life - people I've neglected since RENT started. People who represent the other sides of me because I've just been working on one side and I've become... how do you call it... lopsided.


- 1/2 slab of Kobe Steak
- Molo Soup
- 1/2 cup of white rice
- Mango

Alcoholic Dinner:
- Mango Shake
- 3 pcs. nuggets w/ ketchup
- Everything

 *Nicole enjoying her kobe slab w/ taosi

*Nicole's food up-close

*Pancake House before hitting UP for Mica's play: They're Playing our Song

*Steak eating chicken. Naughty.
*Peachykinz and Robbie with his marble pancakes. Naughty

*jon-jon also eating pan chicken. Fattening!

*Food at the party. Sinful.

*Mother Hen with Steak



195 pounds

(I wasn't able to weigh because I passed out...)

-2000 and THIN

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