Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DAY 65: Alice in Wonderland

Alice and Wonderland. There's something about this movie that's so widely appealing to a lot of people. I think it's the next WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE of pop-culture and the fashion world - where artists and fashion savants are able to exact and draw inspiration from the iconoclastic world of an iconoclastic film.

I was never really a fan of the Disney version back in the day but it's one of those films that really anchors your youth. You have to have seen the cartoon at least once in your life - like the musical Mary Poppins or Sound of Music. And you realize all these adult things later on in your life that are present in the movie that you didn't realize before - that the Cheshire cat was actually smoking weed or shisha or something. Haha. Amongst other things. And wow... this Alice is just really gullible. She'll eat and drink anything. But that's what makes her Alice.

Yesterday, I was able to catch the movie with my RENT family... finally after so many failed attempts of watching Alice and Wonderland. And i must say, it's not as bad as what a lot of other people have been saying about the film. Saw it on 3D in Greenbelt and the cinematography and the visual strength of the Tim Burton film was so compelling that you're literally transported into the world of Alice.

I like seeing the beauty in the ugly and the obscure. The fat boys. The white and red queen. Crispin Glover's character. The pale Alice. The mad hatter. The silence. Everything worked, save for a few dips in the movie's progression that made some parts rather boring. I liked the flashback though. And also the final battle.

More importantly... I got to see my RENT family who I've grown attached to since RENT went full throttle. Everyone seems to be doing well. I'm happy for them :) This is so much better than the last time I saw everyone - in the 9works party when I was literally a goner. haha.

Flashback to last, last Saturday >>>


3/4 cup of red rice
Slices of Steak

a few sips of gatorade

2 pcs. squid
3 serving spoons of bagoong rice
1 pc. yucky spring roll
1/4 small cup of yogurt with strawberry
1/4 medium bag of cheddar cheese w/ 2 extra scoops of butter 
1 bottled water

Nightcap: Spicy Fingers
1 bottle of San Mig Light


 *Mesh and Rosario :) We picked up the items for our shoot tomorrow in Gino's house in Batangas. This is gonna be super exciting!

*Derrick. Peace out.
*Huddled in the park. in the dark. Haha. Peachy, Me, Ring, Anna, Jo, Fred, Jenny, Jason, Mark T, Oj and Cara.ok there's one I can't identify because he looks like a floating head na talaga...
*Peachy, Cara, Anna, Jon, Robbie, Sants, Mark T, Fred, Me and Jo in Spicy Fingers

Mommy Bear and Papa L seen here eating a schublig... is that how you spell it? haha

Tanya about to attack her sandwich.

197.5 pounds

197.5 pounds

-2000 and Thin

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