Monday, March 22, 2010

DAY 71-72: 2000 and Thin! Keep on movin!

There's this song playing in my head. It goes... Keep on movin' keep on movin' keep on, keep on, keep on movin' What song is that? I remember Lee using that for the video that CHALK MAGAZINE made for SM BOYS Teens for the CHALK FASHION ROCKS EVENT.

Well, the reason I'm singing it in my head is because... well today... I feel so fulfilled - health-wise. I went to the gym after so many months of not going. And I was thrilled to have Erik, my trainer, tell me that I actually lost weight. He can be very brutal. And he's very frank. And he keeps telling me that I look like a whale. So to get that compliment from him... well... I feel really fulfilled. Also, when he told me to jog in the treadmill... I opted to the jog in the Polo Field instead because I hate stationary movement when you're just facing the television. And guess who I bumped into? Ida and Nenso!

Of course, they're in Polo every Monday working out. Masyado na silang fit. But that's always a good thing to be dealing with... rather than be told na masyado na silang fat. Well... that's another thing. I feel overcome by endorphins that my smile is 'til my pisngi.

I'm looking forward to so many things next week - like our beach trip, and my Hong Kong Trip with my parents and Manay Ajja during Holy Week. I am sooooo excited! Plus... Christel and Macky are going to be there too. Macky and I are staying in the same hotel, and Christel will just be across the street. Siyempre Krissa is also there. Wow, talk about the best Holy Week ever. Lang Kwai Fong much?

I'm also thrilled to shop a storm since I've lost so much weight... and I should be able to fit into Izzue na ulit. Izzue is my favorite Hong Kong brand but unfortunately I haven't been able to fit into it since I gained so much weight. How frustrating noh? When you wanna wear so much but you can't fit... well fuck that... now I can! And the sacrifice is well worth it. Now I just have to trim up and reduce my flabbiness for the beach... Gym na toh everyday pare. Halleluiah!


DAY 71:

4 pcs. KFC chicken
2 cups of rice

2 pcs. KFC chicken
1 cup of rice

DAY 72:

Caramel Macchiato

Soymilk Slushie (it's good when it's semi-frozen!)

1/3 cup of brown rice
Fish Fillet Strips w/ Tartar sauce

So I was tagged on Facebook for a photo that was taken at the RENT rehearsals way back in January. Holy shit! Ang taba ko. As in. Putang-ina. Kadiri. Mukha akong balyenang mamon, na butete ng laot.

*That's me on the far left, wearing a black shirt na bumabakat yung tiyan. Shet. Taba. This was taken in January of this year.

*This is me now... on the center... wearing stripes... flanked by my buddies Alfie and Marco. Crap, I don't ever want to be fat again. Let's go 2000 and Thin! Taken in March of this year... two months later

Since I was on a Facebook roll (still am actually), I took some pics from years back that brought back a lot of memories. New York - concrete jungles where dreams are made of. I keep forgetting that I have to be here by next year. I have to be in New York. I have to be! Time to work on myself, and get back into mental shape. You have to be here to Toff. You have to.

Me and Manay Ajja... a glimpse into our future!

Manay Ajja's birthday dinner at Aubergine back in '08. She's the one on the left. She starts her internship there two months from now. Full circle man! Full circle!

With Elaine during Fashion Week '08

On the way to Magnet for Tanya's birthday in '08

Me and Belli... at Tanya's Birthday in '08

*Me and Mum in New York, '08

*Me, Kyla, and Pinedas in New York '08

*New Yorker '08 - I will be here someday. Keep workin!

Day 71:

Day 72:

Day 71:
20 minutes running in the treadmill

Day 72:
50 minutes circuit training in the Polo Gym
2 laps of running in the Polo Field

Day 71: 
Morning Weight - 192 pounds
Evening Weight   - 196 pounds

DAY 72:
Morning Weight - 194 pounds
Evening Weight   - 192 pounds

*Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I'll be 191 or something... 185 before I go to the beach. one more week!

- 2000 and Thin

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