Monday, March 8, 2010


Of course, I mentioned yesterday that I had the worst hangover from the party. So Sunday was about detoxifying and just being in the company of family and friends. Sunday was about letting go of the bad depressing vibes and just finding my happiness again. It's all around me, my sources of happiness are everywhere - I just lost sight of them because of the tunnel that I dug for myself. I chose depression so I became depressed. So now... I choose happiness. And I will be happy because I have all the right to be.

I started my day by... umm... wondering where the party went? Haha! Of course, I french-exited from my own party because I was too hammered. Gone. Gian and Sheree have officially inducted me to the space crew - but for now, I will stay clear of space because well... I ended up thoroughly and compeltely spaced out. Haha.

I went North to meet up with my cousins and Tita Joce at Cibo in Promenade for our reduced version of Sunday Lunch. Everyone seems to be in Pangasinan nowadays so those of us left here find ourselves seeking other outlets in which to coalesce, regroup, and bond. I am happiest when I'm with family - and Jo is the perfect picker-upper, especially when you're having bouts of depression. She just says the funniest thing. I was also able to bond with Manay Ajja in her house before I met up with some friends.

*Jo, Manay Aj, Manoy Ernest, Tita Joce >> full house :)

I also had a good massage today with my friend Macky and her sister Krissa. We made pa-massage in Footzone along Annapolis St, the best place to hang, especially on a Sunday because you can watch "The Buzz." It was nice listening to the homilies of Tito Boy and Kris and Ruffa, and just being thoroughly amused and entertained by the goings-on in the world of showbiz.

*Macky, and Krissa in the dark. haha

*Turn that frown upside down

Today... I was able to talk to my best friend Charlie who is of course in Spain doing some soul-searching. It was nice catching up with her with the time permitted to us, and basically, she made me realize a lot of things that I had forgotten about myself. I want to go to New York. I'm blessed with so many things. I have so much going for me - that I shouldn't kill myself over random nothings. I have so much leeway and space to decide what I want to do. I can do whatever I want to do. Might fly to Spain in April to pay her a visit - hope mom allows me. If not, I'll sneak out anyway and just card it. haha. Exactly. I can do whatever I want to do.


Lunch: CIBO
1 Red Grape Shake
1 White Grape Shake
2 slice of prosciutto pizza
1/2 serving of Penne al Telefono

*Bam, the first sip totally quenched my thirst and suckerpunched my hangover. Sarap

*Wait there's more. The white grape shake sealed the deal.

*penne al telefono

*So good. Jo ready to attack the pizza. I had two slices of this. Manay Aj, of course, going for the cheese. haha.

- 3 pcs. fried sharksfin dumpling from Pao Tsin
- 1 bottle of water
- 1/2 Grande Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks
- 1 Kamico Taco

So good. so so good.



*Relaxed and gravy.

194 pounds

196.5 pounds

-2000 and Thin


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